Mummy Me Time – Four Smart Ideas For Time Just For You!

Now don’t get me wrong, I adore spending time with my kids, and mummy and me time is a wonderful thing. But as a busy parent having a little time without the kids to rest and recharge can be a lifesaver. The good news is you can find some of the best mummy-only-me-time ideas to try below. Read on to find out what they are.

A relaxing spa break

First of all, if you can find the time and the money, a relaxing spa break is always the way to go! There is just something so indulgent and relaxing about being pampered and getting to spend time in such a soothing environment. Oh, and getting a treatment such as a massage or facial is such a wonderful treat.

Another great thing about spa breaks is there tends to be a range of options that will fit your budget and how much time you have. That means if you can only get away for a few hours in the evening while your partner watches the kids you can still enjoy a little me-time indulgence and emerge refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Getting lost in a good book

It’s a simple pleasure, but getting lost in a good book can be some of the most rewarding me-time there is. After all, a good book gives you a total break, not only from what you are doing that day but from your whole life. This is because a good book will allow you to see through the eyes of the main character experience the things they do, and see the places that they go, all without leaving your living room sofa!

Binge-watching your favourite TV show

For many busy mums the only time they get to themselves is when all the kids are in bed, and then get to finally curl up on the sofa under a warm blanket and enjoy a few episodes of their current favourite show. 

Of course, it’s widely recognised that some of the best-quality shows are offered by HBO Max. The good news is that it couldn’t be easier to find out how to watch HBO Max in the UK by clicking the link. There you can get fast, and easy access to some of the best shows of the moment including Game of Thrones, Succession, and the moving Chernobyl.

A short meditation

Last of all, a great way to get some mummy-me-time, when time is at a premium, is a short meditation. Indeed, meditation has been shown to have some wonderful benefits including reduced stress, and improved management of anxiety. There are loads of short meditations to try for free online as well, which makes them an ideal self-care activity for when you only have a few minutes as the kids are napping! 

Another great thing about meditation is that if you practice mindfulness you don’t have to actually do anything. Instead, you just sit there and let yourself be, watching your thoughts and bodily sensations and gently bringing yourself back to your breath if you get caught up!

Crafting Magical Memories: A Guide to Unforgettable Family Christmas Moments at Home

As the winter chill is descending and the festive season approaches, our hearts turn towards the timeless tradition of celebrating Christmas with loved ones. It is not just about exchanging gifts and enjoying food together. Christmas gives you an opportunity to build a treasure of unforgettable family memories at home. 

Christmas is and will always be a family celebration, so it makes sense to look into simple ways to make it count at home. Ultimately, this is a chance to forge a lasting bond with family members you may not see as often. In some families, you may get to see each other less frequently, and Christmas is one of the occasions when everyone is happy to travel and catch up. So, if you are hosting this year, here are little tips to create shared experiences that will connect generations and foster a sense of belonging, even if you haven’t talked all year!

Cosy moments by the fire

The most popular image of a cosy Christmas is enjoying a cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace. Surprisingly, there may be a lot more benefits behind this simple pleasure than you might think.

First of all, as the temperatures plummet, you certainly want to have a sturdy heating system that doesn’t waste too much energy. If you’ve been relying on radiators only, you’ve probably noticed the recent spike in your energy bills. Christmas is the perfect time of the year to splurge on a new stove from your local stove retailers and installers. You’ll be pleased to know that not only this can be the ideal solution to keep your home warmer during the colder months, but it is also going to make a positive difference to your energy bills. 

How about the hot chocolate part, you ask? The truth is that drinking hot chocolate is not only healthy, but it is also soothing and comforting. It’s good for your cardiovascular health, your brain, diabetes risk prevention, and it might even support weight loss! What’s not to like? 

Illuminating your home with Christmas lights

If you are looking for ways to give your home the radiant festive glow, it’s time to consider external decorative lights. There’s a good reason why external lights are so popular when it comes to decoration: they make Christmas fun, and they are a fantastic backdrop for family photos too!

If you are considering decoration ideas for your garden, sometimes less is more, especially if you are going to take family photos. You don’t want the garden to feel crowded. So, you can experiment with string lights, which can be used to stage the scene in the garden. This can give your space a fairy tale feel and will look great in photos.

Capturing moments in style

Finally, you still want to look dashing, even though you are only seeing family members. Christmas is a time for photos, and your best bet to shine is sparkles. Christmas fashion is a lot of fun, with sparkly silver, gold, and white combos that will elevate your outfit in no time. No need to go overboard with festive fashion. Sometimes, all you need is a sparkly top paired with your favourite pair of denim to low-key steal the show in every photo. 

This Christmas, transform your home into a canvas for magical memories with your loved ones. We spend too much time stressing about Christmas cooking and presents and not enough creating meaningful memories together.

How To Prevent Stress In A Busy Family Kitchen

As a busy parent you will know that the kitchen is often the central hub of your entire household. From children doing their school projects on the dining table to toddlers running around your ankles asking for snacks; there’s always someone in and around the kitchen area. There will always be ways to improve your home and make things better for your family, but creating a more peaceful and less chaotic kitchen environment may be the perfect place to start!

Organise Your Kitchen Cupboards

Organised kitchen cupboards will help you to stay on top of everything you’ve got in the pantry and more. Knowing exactly what you need to buy in your next food shop will help to reduce your stress levels and ensure that you never run out of the most popular cereal in the household!

Ensure Your Appliances Are Working Correctly

During the busiest and most stressful moments of your life, you’ll often find that things in your home like to break and malfunction. Whether you’re trying to make toast in the morning without a functioning toaster or you’re desperately trying to defrost the freezer without wasting a whole lot of food, there is a lot of maintenance that goes into running a calm and smooth kitchen. Checking that your oven has fully working ec motors and ensuring that your dishwasher is serviced regularly will help you to mitigate these incidents. It’s also worth getting appliance insurance just in case you need emergency repairs in a hurry!

Change the Layout of Your Furniture

Sometimes kitchen furniture can get in the way of a free flowing and calm space. If you find yourself constantly tripping over chairs or coffee tables, you may want to rethink your room arrangements. Creating the illusion of space will always help to prevent stress as everyone will feel as though there are more places to go in the kitchen. Have a go and re-jigging some of the furniture you currently have and see if it makes your space feel more practical.

Keep It Tidy and Minimal

When it comes to keeping your kitchen clean, tidy and minimal, there are a number of different things you can do to ensure this is the case. Whether you’re making healthy kitchen cleaners or getting rid of unwanted items, there is so much you can do to create a calm and cohesive space. When you’re surrounded by mess and excess items, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed and stressed, so it’s always best to tidy away your dishes and belongings whenever you can.

All of these ideas will not only help you to maintain a productive, happy and stress-free kitchen, but they will also help you to stay calm too. When the kitchen isn’t working properly or feeling organised, your mind can start to go into overdrive and panic can quickly set in. Taking all of these precautions and measures now will help to prevent any future meltdowns and stressful moments from occurring in your well-oiled and orderly kitchen!

Why Use A GPS Tracker

You save your hard earned money, you find the perfect car for you and your family but how do you now protect it?

Years ago we would have only had the use of something like a crock lock to protect our car. Luckily now things have moved on in a phenomenal way and the best way we can protect our vehicle is through the use of a GPS tracker.

But what is a GPS tracker?

GPS vehicle tracking systems utilize Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to accurately locate target vehicles along with several other attributes. GPS receivers are installed in vehicles. These receivers send signals to the GPS satellites, which determine the precise location of the vehicle.

Here are a few of the benefits of installing a system:

Live Location Tracking –

With GPS vehicle tracking systems, you can monitor the real-time live location of your vehicle anywhere and at anytime.

Theft Recovery –

With GPS vehicle tracking systems, you can track your vehicle and assets in real-time. If you lose your assets accidentally or your vehicle gets stolen, you can easily track and recover them.

Lower Insurance Premiums-

You may have heard of recent ‘black boxes’ being placed in the cars of new or young drivers. The cost on insurance premiums can be really high for many motorists and opting for a car tracking device can significantly decrease the monthly insurance premium. It is not just for the young or new driver either. You can opt for a car tracking device at any age. And you don’t have to opt for the insurance company’s own device either. You can fit your own and relay information from your tracker to support your claim of being a careful driver.

Simple Make Up Tips To Teach Your Teenager

You may have tried to put it off for as long as possible but the day will inevitably come when your teenager will want to start using makeup. From simple makeup for school to party makeup, she’ll want to start experimenting as soon as she’s able. This is where your guidance will come in.

It’s important to teach your teen how to use makeup in the correct way. There are many ways to get it wrong but with your guidance, she’ll soon learn how to do it properly. If you’re just starting out with your makeup lessons, here are some tips.

Clean Face

Before she starts applying her makeup, she should always have a clean surface to work with. It’s like an artist using a blank canvas to create artwork. Along with cleansing and exfoliating, she should also make sure to moisturise.

If she doesn’t moisturise, her skin may absorb her makeup instead. This will mean that her skin isn’t getting the right moisture and she may become more prone to pimples.

Sheer Foundation

Your teen is at an age where her skin is sensitive. The last thing she needs is a thick foundation that covers her beautiful skin. A sheer foundation is enough to give her some coverage while still showing her natural skin. 

It also helps to give her skin a boost by adding a glow when she needs it. When attending events, she can use a shimmering powder to seal the foundation and give her a translucent look.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are ideal for teenagers when they want to add a wow factor to their makeup. If your teen has a party coming up, practicing applying eyelashes with lash adhesive can come in handy. It’s a simple way to create a new look with very little effort.

The best part about it is that your teen can take the eyelashes off as soon as the party is over. It’s even easier than wiping off makeup at the end of the day.

Blush and Highlighter

Blush and highlighter are a great way to brighten the face and open the eyes. When you show your teen how to apply blush and highlighter, point out the apples of the cheeks. These will be easy to find when she smiles.

Apply a small amount of blush to the apples of the cheeks and an even smaller amount of highlighter to the cheeks and slightly beyond, towards the eyes. This creates the perfect amount of sparkle and enhancement.

Cover Blemishes

Teenagers are nothing if not self conscious. It’s common for blemishes to occur during teenage years and you can show your teen what to do about them. Firstly, removing makeup at the end of every day is important when it comes to avoiding blemishes.

When it comes to covering blemishes, concealer is your best friend. Show your teen how to add a small amount of concealer to each blemish and gently dab until it is covered.

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Terrains Of Transformation:Navigating Milestones In Open Spaces

The First Sprout: Planting Seeds of Responsibility 

Diving hands into the soil at a Potting Table is often a young one’s initiation into the world of care and commitment. Beyond merely watching a plant grow, they learn about responsibility—ensuring the plant gets sunlight, adequate water, and protection from pests. This milestone fosters a sense of accountability, a trait they’ll carry forward in life. 

Rolling with the Times: The Wheels of Independence 

The freedom associated with Indoor & Outdoor Wheeled Toys is unparalleled. This mobility, from the tentative first rides to confident zooming around, symbolises growing independence. Here, children often face their first challenges, pick themselves up after a fall, and persevere—key milestones in building resilience. 

Sky Gazers and Dream Weavers: Broadening Horizons 

The sky, in its vast expanse, becomes a canvas of dreams for young minds. Identifying constellations or watching a meteor shower can spark profound questions about the universe and our place in it, driving their insatiable curiosity and setting them on a path of lifelong learning. 

Of Picnics and Playgrounds: Lessons in Social Dynamics 

The myriad interactions at playgrounds teach valuable life skills. They might broker their first trade, swapping toys or snacks, learn the importance of waiting one’s turn, or understand the joy of collective play. These experiences are the bedrock of social understanding. 

Whispers of Water: Tackling Fears and Discovering Joys 

Water, with its fluid dynamics, offers a plethora of learning experiences. Beyond swimming, children can learn about aquatic life, understand the water cycle, or even marvel at reflections and refractions, integrating play with the magic of science. 

The Solace Seekers: Cultivating Inner Peace 

In today’s fast-paced world, finding a quiet corner in nature is a milestone in self-awareness. These moments of solitude amidst nature teach introspection, helping them recognise emotions and navigate the complexities of growing up. 

The Sportive Spirits: Embracing Teamwork and Competition 

Every goal scored or missed, and every team strategy discussed moulds character. Open terrains serve as arenas to not just hone sporting skills but also to instil values like respect, sportsmanship, and fair play. 

Birdwatching: Cultivating Patience and Observation 

The gentle pursuit of birdwatching is not just about spotting birds—it’s about cultivating patience, deepening connection with nature, and developing a keen sense of observation. It’s a meditative milestone in a world of distractions. 

Climbing Heights: Scaling Personal Challenges 

Climbing trees or scaling small hillocks can be daunting for young adventurers. Yet, the thrill of reaching the top, of overcoming physical and mental challenges, serves as a testament to their growing determination and belief in their capabilities. 

Navigating Forward: Embracing Challenges Head-On 

With every twist and turn, open terrains offer lessons. These natural classrooms push young minds to assess situations, make decisions, and even chart new paths—skills vital for their future endeavours. 

Conclusion: Terrains as Guides in Life’s Odyssey 

Open terrains are more than just playgrounds; they are crucibles of growth, shaping character, nurturing skills, and instilling values. As young individuals navigate these spaces, they are unknowingly preparing for life’s broader journey, with every milestone achieved on these terrains serving as a stepping stone for greater challenges and achievements. 

Jungle Book Reimagined:Sadler’s Wells Theatre

Sadler’s Wells Theatre is home to one of our favourite stage productions – The Snowman and we are super excited to be returning there this Easter to watch Akram Khan’s new dance-theatre production, Jungle Book Reimagined.

The production is based on the classic Rudyard Kipling tale and is brought to life by a mixture of state of the art amination and visuals and of course the fabulous dancers.

The show is suitable for children aged 8+ and is running from Tuesday 4th – Saturday 15th April. Tickets range from £15-£55 and can be booked through the box office online or by phoning 020 7863 8000.

For those booking tickets on Friday 7th April or Saturday 8th April there is an extra treat or family friendly activities before the show.

FUL Intense Moisture Hair Mask

Over the past few years my hair has been a real issue for me. It has become thin, dull and really hard to style. I have been trying lots of ways to improve this – including using the FUL Intense Moisture Hair Mask.

I’ve avoid using masks in the past as I’ve worried they will weigh my hair down, but the FUL hair mask completely proved me wrong.

The combination of shea butter and cocount oil makes for a silky smoooth mask that is super easy to apply and smells wonderful due to the heady notes of yasmine, fruity plum and warm musk.

My hair felt light and hydrated from the very first use and after a weekly treatment for the past month and I have noticed a marked improvent to the dryness of my hair. I simply washed my hair as usual, combed the mask through and left it in overnight. I can’t wait to try out the rest of the range.


Peppa Pig Wooden Market Shop:Review

[AD] All of my children have been huge Peppa Pig fans and this love has been passed down to my grandchildren.

So by mixing Peppa Pig and my favourite…wooden toys, this Peppa Pig Wooden Market Shop is a winning combination!

The market comes in a flat pack and was supper easy to put together. It comprises of the stall itself, three wooden crates that can be used to store the fruit and veg that is also provided.

There is a cute till with coins that is great for children to get used to learning about money and once they have made their purchases they can all be put into the gorgeous paper bags provided.

The attention to detail really is something else and I love the little chalk board that can have little notes written on and the cute bell that can be rung when someone enters the shop. They both sit alongside the pretty pink and white canopy that finished the whole toy perfectly.

This is the perfect toy to encourage role play and so much more and would make for a wonderful present even if you aren’t a Peppa fan – but who isn’t!

The Snowman – The Peacock Theatre

When I was a child the classic Raymond Briggs story of The Snowman was a constant each and every Christmas and my love for this story has been passed down to all my children who have all been enchanted by the story as I was all those years ago.

Saddler’s Wells have bought this iconic story to life by way of a glorious stage adaptation that we were lucky enough to go along and see this weekend.

The story of a little boy’s magical adventures on Christmas Eve come to life in front off your eyes, as you find yourself getting immersed in the magic as the friendship of the snowman and the little boy grows and the adventures they have traveling to and partying at the North Pole.

There are a few extras added to the original story which ordinarily I wouldn’t like. But it fits in absolutely perfect and just enhances an already wonderful story.

This really is a show for young to old and is the perfect way to introduce dance to little ones; and even though there is a running time of just under two hours there wasn’t a moan or a fidgety bottom in the house!

This really would make for the perfect festive treat and there are still tickets avalible for this stand out West End show. It is running at The Peacock Theatre – Holborn until 31st December and you can book tickets HERE.

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