A Superhero Wannabes Dream:Marvel Universe Live

Two superhero clad, hugely hyperactive boys, a ten year old girl with no interest in superheroes and a moody teen with no interest in anything apart from his XBox was quite a combination to take to watch Marvel Universe Live at the O2 the other day.

My youngest two live and breath anything superhero related and have high hopes of becoming ‘the real’ Hulk and Iron Man when they grow up; so I knew the prospect of seeing their favourite characters come to life on stage was going to be the perfect treat for them but I knew the other two were going to be a little harder to please.

We arrived to a sea of mini super Heros eagar for the action to start and when it did it really went with a bang!

From the minute the lights hit the stage huge projections filled the back screens and explosions began to excite the crowd.

One by one the familiar characters of Spider-Man, Iron Man and Capitan America and some not so to me such as Loki and Red Skull took to the stage leaving a packed crowd of tiny faces and some bigger fans in complete awe.

The story of the battle over the cosmic cube which holds super power in the Marvel Universe has been shattered into pieces by the powerful Thor to prevent it from being found and used by any evil villains.

In a bid to gain back the precious pieces the powerful Marvel heroes club together facing a whole host of problems on their way.

It was hard to know where to look at points with perfectly executed fight scenes taking place alongside death defying motorcycle stunts, pyrotechnic displays and superheroes scaling walls and flying through the air there was never a dull moment.

It was action packed from beginning to end and all four of mine sat in silence through the entire show just waiting for the next bit of action.

My youngest two who have horrendously short attention spans didn’t move a muscle, number three said it was the most exciting show she had ever seen and my massively critical teen said it was fabulous and couldn’t believe how real it came across.

Marvel Universe set our imaginations on fire and sparked off that love of superheroes in is all.

*we were invited along to watch this show for the purpose of this review and they are all my own, honest opinions.

My Sunday Photo:Lazy Sunday

I’ve been trying really hard since the summer holidays have finished to make sure we have one day at the weekend where we don’t do very much at all.

I’m inclined to try and fill our weekends up with mad rushing around and trying to cram every minute with activities. What I really need to do is sit back and allow us all some much needed downtime.

Today we had a bad start with a trip to a less than impressive car boot sale, but then spent the rest of the day eating delicious cakes, having water fights in this glorious autumn sunshine and filling ourselves to the brim with a tasty roast dinner.

Today was good and I’m looking forward to many more lazy days just like this!


A Christmas Treat:Peppa Pig’s Suprise 


I know, I know it’s only September but before we know it Christmas will be upon us.

There is always so much going on over the festive months that I find it hard to fit everything in so getting prepared is a must.

One thing that we all love to do is to have a trip into town to take a look at the lights and have an afternoon at the theatre; and who better to visit over this happy time of year than Peppa Pig and the gang.

This year they are taking to the stage at the Phoniex Theatre, Charing Cross from Thursday 1st December – Saturday 10th January and tickets are on sale now.

Join Peppa and George as the try to uncover the big suprise that Mummy and Daddy pig have for them.

There will be plenty of fun, games and surprises along the way in this colourful and interactive show suitable for all the family.

I’m champing at the bit to find out the big secret and I’m sure your little ones would love to find out to!

After School Treats With Sunny Fruit Mix-Ups From Whitworths

With the school term back in full swing I have lots of hungry mouths to feed come three thirty and I’m always on the lookout for something quick and easy to stave off the hunger pangs until dinner time.

It’s all to easy to reach for the biscuit tin which ultimately leads to hyperactive children charging around the house which is never something you need after a long day.

When I was sent a selection of Sunny Fruit Mix-Ups from Whitworths I was eagar to give them a try.

The bright packaging and the fruity, named characters really caught their eye and it wasn’t long before they were tucking in.

The portion sizes were perfect to fill a tinny tummy, pack into their lunch boxes or have as a standby snack in your handbag which I always need as a form of bribery!

With no added sugar and portions of real fruit they really do make for a guilt free snack for children and adults alike.

I have a range of picky eaters to ones that eat anything and the whole range was a hit with them all, from the juicy apricots and mango, the chewy pineapple and raisins and the flavoursome strawberries and sultanas. 

With the different varies these mix-ups have to offer I’m sure you will find a flavour that suits everyone.

Give them a try and let me know what you think.

*we were given a selection of mix-ups to sample for the purpose of this review. They are all my own, honest opinions.

Making Your Meals Go Further

It gets to this time of year for me when the expense of Christmas fear kicks in and I start to think about some changes to put into place to save a few pennies.

Our biggest outgoing and area of waste by far is food, yet it is the area I find easiest to make saving when I make a bit of an effort.

Here are a few tips to stretch that weekly shop and save on any unnecessary waste.

Package Free And Wrapped Veg 

Instead of grabbing the easy to use pre-prepared veg opt for the loose vegetables and wrap them in paper towel before placing in the fridge to prevent the condensation form softening them.

Crusts For Breadcrumbs

If your children are like mine and always want their crusts removed save them and make breadcrumbs to be stored in the freezer.  These can be then be used in different meals as and when you need them.

Squashed Tomatoes

Those squishy tomatoes hiding at the back of the salad drawer can easily be turned into a soup or pasta sauce to use straight away or freeze for another day.

Bulk Up Those Soups

With the colder weather upon us soups will be coming back into onto our menu and to make them a more filling meal simply add some rice or small pasta to bulk it up.

Big Bird Better Than Portions

The traditional Sunday roast chicken is the perfect meal to stretch over to the next day.  Use the breast meat for the Sunday roast and then save the rest for a curry, casserole or add to pasta on the Monday.

Pack In Those Pulses And Veggies

Meat is definitely the most expensive part of my food shop so wether it’s a curry, casserole or mince dish, make it go further by adding lentils or vegetables to make it go so much further.

The Freezer Is Your Friend

Don’t just throw out those leftovers you don’t think will get eaten. Box them up into individual portions and save for those days you are pushed for time or simply can’t be bothered to cook.

Dinner For Lunch

We spend way to much money on eating out and find that making extra the night before and saving for lunch the next day is the perfect way to stop the temptation of eating out.


The dieters nightmare and a bone of contention in our house is bread.

For me a good crusty loaf is the perfect, cheap way to fill up hungry kids. It can be eaten with a simple spreading of jam as a snack and can be served with most meals to bulk it out a bit.

My husband disagrees and says it fills the kids up to much and they don’t eat their dinner!

If your loaf stays around long enough and has gone a little dry simply sprinkle with water and bake for a few mins to bring it back to life.

Fancy Kids Snacks

I always have a bag full of snacks that are predominantly used as a distraction or bribery tool when when we’re out.

I have stopped buying those snacks they are geared towards little ones with attractive packaging and a hefty price tag by buying rice cakes and raisins and decanting them into those food bags with characters on that can be washed out and used again, saving an absolute fortune!

I hope your got a few tips here and I would love to have some more of you have any to share with me?

Experience A Cinema Like No Other:Backyard Cinema

Pulling up into a shopping complex, picking up your cartons of popcorn and settling down into the hard seats to watch your film.

Does this sound like your normal trip to the cinema? 

It does mine and that is exactly why I avoid going, much to the annoyance of my family.

Thankfully Backyard Cinema have turned tradition on its head and have bought a whole new cinematic experience to London.

You make your entrance through the lost jungle whilst stumbling through the temple ruin to arrive in the extra special cinema area full of bean bags that you can relax on whist sipping a cocktail and munching on your popcorn!

Over the next few months they are showing some real classics such as The Goonies, Hook, Lion King and many more!

Below is a trailer to help you set the scene and keep an eye out for our review they will be up after our visit in a few weeks! 

School Starts:More Emotional For The Children Or You 

I wasn’t going to write a ‘back to school’ post as the Internet has been flooded with them and really and truly I should be a dab hand at all this by now.

Today was the first day I had left number four in the classroom for a whole three hours and I didn’t handle it how I thought I would.

This should be a breeze as let’s face it he has been at nursery for eighteen months and left for that same length of time; and I should be reeling in the fact that I had a whole childfree morning.  Something that I spend my entire life longing for. 

Instead I felt that it was another door closing and another milestone finished in the rapidly moving life of a child.

The old cliche of ‘oh doesn’t it go fast’ was rushing through my mind and although I find it such an irritating phrase it really is so true.

I hankered around for a few minutes and he asked if I could sit and stay.  I simply said no adults were staying today and he took it in his stride and carried on with his drawing.

I longed for that little bit of separation anxiety to kick in but there wasn’t even a glimmer.  That little boy that had hung on my every word was now going to have another important figure in his life who’s  words will be gospel and I can’t help but feel a little bit redundant.

I thought that the more children I had the easier moments like this would be but it seems to be having the opposite affect. 

I know what is coming and I know those moments in time are now gone and can’t be replaced.  

I now need to pick myself up and look forward to the adventures he is going to have during his school years.  The friends he is going to make, the things he is going to learn and the experiences he is going to share to mould him into the little person he is going to grow into.

If there is one thing I have learnt over the years of preschoolers is to pack as much in and capture as much as you can in those first few years so they can be looked back on and relished as they simply are the most precious years.