A weekend Of Pooh


I had every intention of starting this blog at the beginning of the February half term so that I could share with you all the fab adventures we had.
Unfortunately our house was hit with the dreaded gastro bug which put a halt to all our best laid plans.
By the end of the week we finally got the last little one better and I thought there would be nothing more apt than taking a trip to visit the birth place of Winnie The Pooh as that is what much of
our week has been filled with in not such a nice way!!
In this fast paced technology driven day and age the simple pleasures of a good book often get overlooked, and it was brought to my attention whist planning this trip that my little ones only knew Pooh Bear as the brightly coloured Disney character. So we took a trip to the library to get the original book by A.A Milne so we could find out more about Christopher Robin and his cuddly friend.



We arrived on the quaint village of Hartfield and nestled at the end of the village was the charming little cafe and gift shop Pooh Corner.
The parking is not great as you would expect in a small village and I should imagine on a summers day you would struggle to get parked. Once inside there was a well stocked gift shop with plenty of beautiful gifts for all ages to choose from. The cafe had a good selection of reasonably priced light snacks which we unfortunately couldn’t sample as the menu did not cater for my number four and his multiple food allergies.



Ashdown Forest where the A.A Milne book is set is only a short car drive from Pooh Corner but it is very badly signposted so expect a u-turn of two! Once inside Pooh car park it was an easy yet muddy walk through the woodlands down to the infamous Pooh Bridge where mine happily went exploring for twigs to race on the river just as A.A Milne had done all those years ago.






All in all it was a good morning out taking in the sights of the beautiful forestry and hopefully educating the little ones on an old English Classic that that will remember for years to come.

A day spent with you is my favourite day, so today is my favourite day.
Winnie The Pooh

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