Play doh Cakes For Dino’s Birthday

Number four had got up adamant that we should go on a picnic.  Now I like to try to fulfill my children’s wishes where I can, but as much as I love a wet walk through the park finding puddles I had to draw a line at a picnic in this terrible weather.

As he had also decided it was Dino’s birthday today we settled on making some play doh cupcakes and having a birthday picnic inside to celebrate.

So once number five went down for his morning nap I got to have some much needed one on one time with number four.

Having a big family has many beautiful attributes but it is important to try and get in some alone time with each of them to make them feel important.

All of my children love the excitement of blowing out candles on their birthdays.  So after making our playdoh cupcakes we found some pretty cases to put them in and topped them off with real candles.

The excitement on his face was a picture when I lit the candles and walked them into the front room so he could help Dino blow then out.  An activity like this is cheap and simple but gives such pleasure.

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