Our Regular Saturday At Priory Park

With so many children interested in different things I am ‘Mum’s Taxi’ all day on a Saturday.

Number two has massive passion for scooting so he is dropped off first thing to our local indoor skatepark Skaterham where he spends the whole day trying to perfect his tricks.

We then have a short drive to drop our drama queen number three off to Italia Conti in Reigate to hone her skills in singing, dancing and acting.

I have found that as they grow they try out a variety of different activities which I actively encourage.  Some of them they love and others they quickly lose interest in.  It is just good for them to get as many life experiences in to turn them into well rounded confident adults.

After my last drop this leaves me a couple of hours to occupy number four and five.  Our favourite port of call come rain or shine is Priory Park in Reigate.  This beautiful park in Reigate town centre has a plethora of activities to occupy all ages.

Some of the benefits are the large lake which is perfect to take a stroll around and feed the ducks or stop for a picnic, beautiful formal gardens with a grand fountain as a centre piece, tennis and ball courts, a croquet lawn, football pitches, an outstanding skatepark, a children’s play area with water features in the summer and lastly a superb cafe that has recently been taken over by Pistachio’s In The Park.

We popped in there today for a spot of lunch and were overwhelmed by the attentiveness of the new owner.  As you know we have to be picky where we eat out due to number fours allergies, but he made a consertive effort to come over and make sure all our needs were catered for and even asked how he could make future visits a good experience.

We a had a great experience at the cafe.  Friendly, attentive staff, plenty of room to manoeuvre the buggy, vast menu with a variety of freshly prepared food and my top requirement which is a great cup of coffee.

From there we wondered down to feed the very hungry ducks and had a wet and windy walk around the lake.  Then finally topped off our trip with run around the playground and a spot of sandcastle building.

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