Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

Getting children into sport at a young age is of great importance.  Not only will they benefit on a physical level but it will help to build good social skills, discipline and learn how that practicing and sticking at something can reap great rewards.

Our Tuesday afternoon activity is Mini Bounce at out local sports centre.  Number four has taken a while to get used to the concept of bouncing rather than running along the trampoline like a mad man.  But now he has got the hang of it he loves it.

Trampolining is fantastic for balance, agility, timing and coordination.  It is also a great base sport to lead you into other things.  Number two is a keen scooter and is looking into it as practice for his flips before trying it out on the ramps.

We use the Phoenix Centre in Wallington which is part of the Everyone Active group that are nationwide.  They are well priced classes with a super friendly instructor who makes the sessions safe and fun.  We add on softplay to the end of our session so that number five can have some fun too.

What is your chosen sport for your toddler?

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