My Daddy My Hero

When your three life is fantastic.  Everyone and everything is super exciting and for my number four there is no one more spectacular than his Daddy.

When he walks into the room his eyes light up and his face is full of sheer excitement.  His Daddy truly is his hero.

As I’m sure is the same for many of you my husband works long hours and is away from the house for most of the day.  But luckily enough with the nature of his job we do manage to sneek an hour or two here and there to meet up and number four loves nothing more than going to meet him at work.

So after going to a friend this morning to celebrate her youngest’s first birthday we made our way to Daddy’s gym with party bag and bubble stick firmly in hand.

As a child I remember a handful of times going to work with my Dad and thinking it was the best thing ever.  I still think back to those days with fond memories and they clearly made more of an impact on me than my parents probably thought they would.

Have you taken your little ones to work with you , or had a trip to see Daddy at his?

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