Playing House At IKEA

Due to the ‘fork fairy’ who regularly enters our house to steal our forks, we needed to make a trip to IKEA today to replace  our missing cutlery.

My little ones all love a trip to IKEA.  It’s like a life size playhouse with beds they can jump on, desks to sit at and lots of open space to have a run around in.  

We got there super early to miss the crowds and grab one of their bargain breakfasts.  We filled all three of our bellies for a mere £3 this morning, I challange anywhere to beat this price.  Once we had all eaten the fun started!  Number five created at an ear piercing level about getting back into the buggy.  Once I bent him into shape to get his straps on we made our way around the store.  Between singing songs, rattling toys and offering food to number five I was playing house with number four who had a whale of a time.  He cooked me dinner, put himself to bed, did some work on his laptop and watched a bit of TV.  

To end the day perfectly we had found a fantastic cardboard marketstall that I knew the children would love.  I had balanced it precariously on the buggy with my screaming baby all the way round the store,  picked it up several times after said baby had kicked it off, only to get to the till and find I had picked up the completely wrong item!!

I took a very deep breath as I packed my correct items away to turn to a sleeping number five just as we left the store.

Our trip today may not have gone as planned but getting in the car and number four quietly saying from the back “I’ve had a lovely day Mummy” made it all worth while!!

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