Jumping Around At Airhop


Number three turns nine this week so at the weekend we celebrated by visiting Airhop in Guilford.  We had not been before, but number two had been a couple of times with friends and had come back raving about it; so much so he was very disappointed that it was only a girly visit with two of her friends.

Being a large family everything is done together and I always let them have a treat on their birthday by having some one on one time to do what they like with their friends.

We had a very early start as the only session I could get booked onto was nine am!  So with this in mind if you are planning on going then make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get your slot of choice.

Once inside we were greeted by a team of young, enthusiastic staff that guided us through what we needed to do before we started and handed out the all important Airhop socks that have not left her feet since we visited!



The session lasts an hour and in that time they get to somersault into a huge foam pit, bounce around on the many adjoined trampolines, play a game of dodgeball or shoot some hoops into the basketball nets.  Once they are all tired out there is a selection of drinks and snacks in their cafe which is on the upper level where the parents can grab a coffee and get a great view of all the action.


They all had a fantastic time and we will be back to visit, although next time I won’t be left out and will be booking my place to join in with the action!

How do your little one like to celebrate their special days?

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