Digging For Worms In Edible Mud


Saturday morning started at a ridiculously early six am in this house.  After thirty minutes of hair pulling and being clambered over I relented and got up.  

I’ve not looked through Pintrest for a while now, so I sat with number four and he chose today’s activity – edible mud.

The idea came from kidsactivityblogs.com who seem to have many fab ideas.  They use cups as measurements but as long as you use equal parts of each ingredient it will work fine.  Here’s how we got on.



This has been one of the simplest activities I’ve prepared.  Simply take one large deepish tray of dish and mix all of the following ingredients.  We used wheat free flour for number fours allergies.

  • 3 Cups Flour
  • 1 Cup Cocca
  • 1 Cup Brown Sugar
  • 1 Cup White Sugar
  • 3 Cups Water 
  • Jelly Worms And Laces



Number four loved mixing this round and round until it turned into a big sticky brown mess.  Once it was all mixed in, we left a few lumps and bumps we mixed in some thin lace type jelly sweets and some wiggly jelly worms, well snakes as we couldn’t get worms but hey it’s good to use your imagination!


We then took a plastic spade and delved around in the mud finding the wiggly worms for a good thirty mins.  



This activity was set up for both number four and five and I feel that this could cover a wide range of ages as long as they don’t start to hit each other with the chocolate covered spades and then get removed from the table as number five did today.


I’ve not tried yet but I think this could also work well by taking out the cocca powder and emitting blue food colouring instead to create a sea theme with fish jellies.

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    1. Oh no I’m new to all of this and have only just starting linking up. Clearly it’s not going to well!!
      Thank you for finding me through this post and I’m glad that you liked it. My little ones thought it was great X

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