No One Wants To Play With Me


Since my older children have returned to school after the Easter holidays I have had real problems with number four.  He is a very outgoing, strong willed little boy and to be honest runs rings around the whole family.  He has had an extremely strong character from a young age and knows exactly what he wants.

After two weeks of having everyone around it’s understandable that he is feeling a little lonely and I had this with all the others, but after a few days they would settle back into routine.  With number four this has not happened and it’s really upsetting him.

We have a continual stream of “I have nobody to play with” I try to distract him but nothing is working and when I offer to play with him the expression on his face says it all!

Playgrounds are becoming a nightmare as he is gravitating towards children twice his age who I’ve found are great with him for a while but then understandably get a bit fed up and want to play with their peers.  This then leads to floods of tears followed by “no one wants to play with me”.  It’s so heart wrenching, and I’m at a bit of a loss about how we can get around this.

This is where you see the pros and cons of a large family.  They have their own playmates to hand all the time but when they are taken out of the equation they become lost.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that this is just a phase as its so upsetting for the both of us.

7 thoughts on “No One Wants To Play With Me

  1. I have the same issue with my middle two. even though their ages are 12 and 8 they like to be together. They both go to groups together and they are in different age groups, they struggle not having that instant friend to rely on. though since I hated hanging out with my siblings I am going with it as a good thing.

    1. Ha ha very true. My sister and I fought like cat and dog so yes your right is quite heartwarming that he misses them really.
      Mind you he is only three so there is plenty of time for things to change!! X

  2. We are at the total opposite end of the spectrum with an only child, he keeps asking for a brother or sister but not a baby one, a bigger one! I love his yellow coat in the pictures, where is that from? x

    1. Bless him. When I had my last one number four was not to impressed by this little thing that didn’t do much!! He’s growing on him now!
      The coats are from Marks and Spencer, I really love them xx

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