My Captured Moment #2


My eldest son is approaching his teens at a rapid rate and to be honest any photo of him these days is a captured moment.

He has reached the age where my shear presence is embarrassing so getting near him to take a photo is a rare opportunity. 

Over the past few years he has developed a feel passion for scooting, and the scooter comes everywhere with us so he can practice his tricks and hon his skills.

I got this captured moment on our recent trip to Whistable.  He loved all the open space and different terrains he could use, and I loved watching how much pleasure he got.

          Running in Lavender

11 thoughts on “My Captured Moment #2

  1. That is a fantastic picture! I feel your pain with taking pictures of the teens, I have two who take selfies all day on their phones and yet neither of them will hardly ever let me photograph them!

  2. A lovely shot 🙂 I’m still at the stage of being needed close by, for the most part. I can’t imagine being at that stage where my presence is not required so closely anymore. Is it difficult 🙁 #aNoviceMumCommentLuv

    1. Thank you. I feel that I’ve been through it and come out the other end with my daughter who is shortly turning 18.
      It is as soon as they start secondary school that you become ‘unneeded’. I think they just want to find their own feet and there are a few rocky years, then they come back to you.
      It’s not all bad and they are still very dependant on you, but shoe it in different way xx

    1. He is completely obsessed with scootering and has even got a Saturday job at our local skatepark.
      We love Whitstable too and stayed in the fisherman’s huts at Easter.
      I love all the seafood there but especially the oysters X

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