Making Goo And Soft Play On A Rainy Bank Holiday

As with most British Bank Holidays this one got off to a cold and rainy start with a house full of bored children.

I had been looking through an old book of children’s science experiments and came across ‘make your own goo’ .  This seemed a quick activity that could be done just using things I already had in the cupboard.

All that was needed were two cups of cornflower mixed with one cup of water and a few drops of food colouring.   As long as you used equal quantities I’m sure you could double up or halve this recipie as required.  

    They played for ages just trying to pick up the sticky mixture, moulding it into shapes and letting it drip through their hands.  Even number two was prized away from the TV and found the mixture fascinating.

        The only thing I would suggest is that you keep it contained to one area as the was a lot of cleaning up and the powdery residue seemed to get everywhere!!

This kept the occupied for a while but they really needed to get out and let off some steam so we make our way out to our  local soft play centre.  These are normally a no no for me at a weekend as they are normally heaving and noisy and I spend my entire day looking for one of the children.

Our closest is Kidspace which is a huge complex with several different sections that caters for the large age range of children I have.  They have a toddler area with a sensory room, soft blocks to sit on, a small climbing frame, trampolines and a giant piano.  The area for the older children has a massive area to shoot foam balls, a climbing wall, numerous slides and areas to climb and a fab go cart area that I love to have a go on too.

There is a cafe serving reasonably priced hot and cold food, lots of snacks and even a glass of wine if you are feeling naughty!

          Not only does it offer the usual soft play sessions but you can a book a party here for your little ones birthday, use the facilities for holiday care or take part in the many after school activities there are on offer.

     I was pleasantly surprised when we got in there we easily found a table and with number five fast asleep I could easily sit down and relax with a coffee and get on with some blogging.

It is not the cheapest soft play area that I have been to and this is usually reserved as a treat.  It was just over £35 for one adult and four children to get in, but you could easily spend the whole day here.  During busy times your session times are limited but I have only come across this on a few occasions and term time and late afternoon the sessions are cheaper.

          Suitably worn out we made our way home in the hope that we would be lucky enough to get some sunshine tomorrow.

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