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Over the years my stance on feeding my children has changed several times.  With my youngest I found healthy eating a breeze.  She didn’t have any naughty treats at all and was more than happy with her dried fruit and rice cakes up until nursery age as there were no outside influences to open her eyes up to the world of chocolate and all the other goodies that are out there.  As she got older treats were introduced but we’re not an everyday thing.

By the time I got onto baby number three I was aware that sweets were becoming the norm so I went cold turkey on anything artificial.  This continued for a while until I was getting things ready for a party and my eldest said “are we going to have carrot sticks in our party bags?”. 

I then realised that maybe I was being to strict and we all need a treat every now and then.

The problem I am finding as the children are getting older is that a healthy balanced diet is becoming harder to inforce as they have free choice when they are out and about and sugary, artificial foods are creeping back into our everyday life and having a detrimental affect on all their behaviour.

Number four especially reacts badly to colourings and will be bouncing off the walls for hours afterwards.

This weekend I am going to be trawling Pintrest for fun healthy snacks that are going to satisfy the whole family.

With obesity, tooth decay and behavioural problems on the rise it is our job as parents to create a good balance so that a healthy lifestyle is taken into adulthood with them to pass down to the future generation.

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  1. I can completely relate to this – with my eldest being on 3.5 years olds, I am able to avoid the junk quite a bit except at parties etc however I can see it getting much more difficult as they get older. …xxx

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