Searching For Peter Rabbit’s Post Office In The Bluebells


Spring is my favourite time of the year for many reasons.  I love the longer days, the warmer weather(hopefully) and the abundance of beautiful spring flowers that you have the opportunity to venture out and see.

We always have an annual trip out to walk through the bluebell woods.  I am always taken back by the majestic sight of the beautiful purple bonnets covering every inch of the woodland.


It is said that in folk law that bluebells are known as ‘fairy flowers’ and they are used to capture small people!


We had a change of venue today and after seeing some great pictures on a friends Facebook we took a trip to the National Trust site Limpsfied Common in Surrey.  There are several car parks across the common but if you want a little something special added to your trip choose the Ridlands Grove car park.

From here a wonderful people have created five mini wooden houses through the woodland for you to find.  There is Peter Rabbit’s Post Office, Hedgehog Hall, Owl House, Fox Villas and a couple more.


Owl house was nestled high in the trees so was a tricky one to spot, hedgehog hall came complete with its own working wishing well and my favourite was Peter Rabbit’s Post Office where you can leave a donation in the little red post box or write a letter to pop inside the office.  Number four enjoyed getting Peter out and giving him a carrot.


We spent the rest of our trip climbing trees, walking along logs and searching for Fox Villas which eluded us.  We will be back to to hunt it out again soon!








13 thoughts on “Searching For Peter Rabbit’s Post Office In The Bluebells

  1. Looks like a beautiful place and such a fun activity for the kids (and I am sure you!). Great photos too! #TwinklyTuesdays

  2. I have seen posts from here before but not with all the bluebells in the woods out too, what a wonderful sight they are. These little doors are something I really want to create in our fairy garden, I love these ones you have shared under the Peter Rabbit theme and your bluebell photos are stunning. Ours are still a few days off their best then I am so taking my long lens out there. Thank You for sharing a fun day out on Country Kids.

    1. They would look really beautiful in your fairy garden. There is always something magical about mini things!
      I’m a real novice at photography and only really use my phone so it will be lovely to see some bluebell pictures taken properly x

  3. Aaah this is the stuff dreams are made of isn’t it?! I’ll bet your kids went to bed happy that night! The photos — particularly the bluebell ones — are just beautiful. What a magical place. I love the little factoid about Bluebells being ‘fairy catchers’ too!! Will be passing that on to my littlies! 😉 Thanks for linking up to #TwinklyTuesday x

    Caro |

  4. These photos are just gorgeous! You are the 4th person I have seen going to a bluebell woods and it is making me want to find our local one as they are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing in #KidsCorner x

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