Good Luck Cake For Daddy

My husband competes in full contact karate and has a tournament tomorrow.

He has weeks of hard training and diet in the lead up to the big day so we always make him a massive Malteser cake to take with him to celebrate the hard work he has put in.

This recipe has been going around our family for years so the ingredients are a bit of a guesstimate!


Malteser Refridgerator Cake

  • 220g Milk Chocolate
  • 80g Butter
  • 4tbsp Golden Syrup
  • 250g Crushed Digestive Biscuits
  • 250g Maltesers

Melt the chocolate, butter and golden syrup then add the Maltesers and crushed biscuits and mix well.

Line a tin of your choice with some grease proof paper and fill with the mixture.

Place into the fridge and allow a good three hours before slicing and serving.



8 thoughts on “Good Luck Cake For Daddy

  1. I love this recipe! No bake – that’s the way to do it. And it looks so delicious! Your good luck cake did the trick, I know your husband did well in his tournament. Thanks so much for linking up with #foodpornthursdays xx

  2. Oh those look like little drops of gooey goodness!!! I can almost taste them through my computer screen and I love the pictures of all the “little” helping hands. Thanks so much for linking up with #foodpornthursdays

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