A Trip Down Memory Lane


For me my school years were fine, but not something I would say that I would love to relive.  My husband on the other hand has massively fond memories of this time in his life and had hundreds of stories that he loves to share with us, we’ll some are not appropriate for the children’s ears!!

We don’t live far from his old school but don’t very often take the children for a visit.  Today the sun was shining and the kids wanted to have a run around so we took the short trip to Oxted, my husband’s old stomping ground.

Oxted is still a very traditional town and the majority of shops still close on a Sunday which makes for a lovely peaceful stroll along the High Street.  We had a pit stop for a coffee and were plesently suprised that there was a special bus service on so we got a fantastic opportunity to see some beautiful old buses.


After our bus spotting we walked through the underpass that is covered in a very pretty mosaic, and out past the Tudor style cinema that my husband has probably had many a date in that I really don’t need to know about!!


Our final port of call was the park for a run around the playground and an ice cream in the sun.


A lovely afternoon of reminiscing and story telling.  I couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday.


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