Why I’m Running For Tommys


My days are long and filled with washing, cleaning, cooking, school runs, kids activities and all the other things that go with having a large family; but there is not a day goes by where I am not eternally grateful for the five wonderful children I have been blessed with.

They are truly my everything and would be lost without them. 

This is the reason that for the past two years I have taken part in the Bluewater 8k Buggy Run.  


The run is put on by the charity Tommys who raise funds for research into miscarriage, premature labour and still birth.

I understand that not everyone has such an easy ride when it comes to conceiving and childbirth, so I do the run to raise money for those that have not been as lucky as me to put some money towards Tommys hopefully coming to some solutions as to why these tragedies happen. 


I will be taking part in this years event on the 7th June.  It is a fantastic race that the whole family will love.  I’ve done it whilst pregnant the first year and with a double buggy last.  I hopping for a easier ride this year!!!  It’s not to late to sign up yourself or if you would be kind enough to make a donation to my Just Giving account I would be over the moon.

Please go to my Just Giving page to make a donation.  Anything is gratefully received X

4 thoughts on “Why I’m Running For Tommys

  1. Well done you!! We’re doing a minion run at the end of this month to raise money for a local children’s hospice. Doesn’t bear thinking about needing to use it, but it’s amazing that it’s there for those that do need to. Makes us realise how lucky we are doesn’t it?!

    Stevie x

    1. Good luck with your run. Have you got to dress up??
      I really do feel so grateful that I have been lucky to have five happy healthy babies. So many people are not so lucky .
      Emma x

      1. I’m just wearing a yellow t shirt, my youngest has a minion onesie though so I am hoping it’s not too boiling hot on the day!!

        Stevie x

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