Setting Off My Hayfever In The Rape Fields


For the past few weeks I have done the usual drama run which takes us on a busy county road surrounded by some stunning rape fields.

It is one long straight roads with no where to park up, but today I was determined to find a way to get some pictures.  So armed with my iPhone and number four we turned off the main drag and managed to squeeze the car into a space and follow a small wooded path into the fields.


He was a little freaked out by the vastness and height of the plants so we stuck to the borders and didn’t stay  for to long.

I would love another trip back with the others and a camera so that I could try to get some better shots.

Spring really is one of my favourite seasons as I just love getting out to look at the beautiful flowers Britain has to offer, even if my hayfever is not so keen on my clambering through the undergrowth!!




2 thoughts on “Setting Off My Hayfever In The Rape Fields

  1. Those are gorgeous photos to have taken just on an iphone. The colours are so vivid and you really see how tall the plants are against your son there. Bless him he could hardly see over! Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    1. Thank you. Yes just my phone as I was not planning on stopping, but was such a lovely day I couldn’t resist!!
      Thank you for hosting such a great linky and that you for finding my glitch. My children will tell you I’m a bad with anything slightly technical x

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