Raspberry Allergy Free Cupcakes


As many of you will know number four has multiple allergies so we have had our struggles with food choices over the years.

Things have been good for a while now.  His eczema has cleared up and we are coping with the tummy problems day to day.  The issue we have is now he knows what he can’t have but can’t understand the implications of he does.  This results in him trying mission impossible style moves to get food from wherever he can!!

Soft play areas and parties are a minefield and I need eyes in the back of my head.  I’m hoping as he gets older he will learn to understand the seriousness of food allergies, but for the time being I am just going to have to be on high alert at all times.

It must be hard for him seeing everyone around him enjoying all sorts of yummy foods whenever they like when he is restricted to the same things all the time.

Every now and then we try to mix things up a bit for him so that he doesn’t get bored.

Cakes are always a winner and we normally stick to a traditional vanilla or chocolate cupcake.  So this weekend we took his love of raspberries and added them to our cupcakes with a drizzle of dairyfree chocolate to the top.

Raspberry Cupcakes

  • 110g wheat free self raising flour
  • 110g caster sugar
  • 110g dairy free spread
  • 1tsp vanilla essence
  • 2 tsp egg replacer
  • 110g raspberries


Set the oven to 190C/170C fan assisted or gas Mark 5.

Place all the ingredients except for the raspberries into a bowl and beat hard with a wooden spoon for about a minute until you get a good fluffy mixture.


Fold in the fruit and then place into 12 cake cases and bake for around 15 mins.


Test them near the end by inserting a skewer into the cake.  If it comes out clear they are done, if not give them another 5 mins.

Transfer to a cooling rack and them once cool sprinkle with icing sugar or drizzle with some dairy free chocolate.



15 thoughts on “Raspberry Allergy Free Cupcakes

  1. I LOVE that picture with the chocolate face. Sooo adorable. What a great recipe – gluten and dairy free! Thanks so much for sharing it with #foodpornthursdays x

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