Allergy Free Rice Krispie Lolly Pops


I saw this recipe on the side of a cereal packet years ago but it’s something I have never used.  As you know if you have seen my blog before, my fourth child has multiple allergies and I like to try to find different things for him as a treat.  

When trying to convert recipes this does not always go to plan but lucky for us this was a hit.

  • 150g Rice Krispies
  • 3tbsp dairy free spread
  • 320g Marshmallows
  • 1 large bar of dairy free chocolate
  • Sprinkles
  • 16 lolly sticks

Over a low heat melt the spread and marshmallows until they are all melted together.  Then add to the Rice Krispies and mix until they are all coated.

In a large, greased baking tray press the mixture in tightly and leave to cool.



Once cooked cut into 16 reclangular shapes and insert the lolly sticks into the bottom.

In a small bowl over some boiling water melt the chocolate.  Once melted dip the top of the lolly in the lay on some grease proof paper and coat the chocolaty end in sprinkles.

Once the chocolate has hardened they are all ready to pick up and enjoy.





18 thoughts on “Allergy Free Rice Krispie Lolly Pops

  1. I’ve never thought of putting them on a lolly stick before! Brilliant idea…makes them seem even more special!

  2. I love these, what a great idea. I’m going to make them for Allergy UK’s free from feast in a few weeks’ time. Thanks for linking up with #freefromfridays

  3. I love these, what a great idea. I’m going to make them for Allergy Uk’s free from feastin a few weeks’ time. Thanks for linking up with #freefromfridays

  4. Oh every kids dream! **sugar high** Love the pic of your son with his head in the bowl…super cute! I will have to indulge my kiddos one time and let make these with me…and then make sure they all get eaten so that I don’t consume any. Thanks for sharing with #foodpornthursdays

  5. Thankyou so much for linking up with #kidsinthekitchen! I LOVE this post! So much fun and the bowl licking pics are just the best!! Allergies are pants but they really don’t have to make cooking boring!!!

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