Exploring Reigate Hill


In my opinion National Trust sites offer the perfect day out, and our family have covered most of the local ones but until this weekend Reigate Hill had eluded us.

My sister had recently moved to the area and suggested we took a picnic up there to explore.

We took a short drive to the top of Reigate Hill where we found a small car park which also homed a nice little coffee hut run by Urban Kitchen that serves some great drinks and snacks but remember to take some money with you as they only except cash.

We didn’t sample anything but the boys loved trying out the deck chairs!

We set ourselves up at a fantastic view point and ate our picnic whilst the kids ran around with their pots of bubbles.


Once fed and watered we started our walk across Reigate Footbridge to Reigate Fort. 

The Fort was built in 1898 and was storage for tools and ammunition for the soilders; and was a fascinating site for the children to look around.


As you climb to the top there is a large area of open space where we stopped to climb hills that reminded me of something out of the Teletubbies!!  


From here I dragged my sister another ten minutes along the path to find the stunning Inglis Memorial.

She was really pleased I did as when we got there the views were absolutely  breathtaking.


The memorial itself was donated in 1909 as a drinking fountain for horses.  I myself think it is far to beautiful for anything like that.


We could have walked on further and taken in some more historic sights but for us this was perfect.

National Trust you have once again supplied my family with a beautiful and informative day out that we will always remember.



19 thoughts on “Exploring Reigate Hill

  1. What gorgeous views from the hill – and I can’t believe that was designed for horses! The National Trust is always full of great discoveries like that, I think. #countrykids

  2. I love the NT, and our membership. I feel ashamed to say that I never even knew there was a fort on Reigate Hill! My mum works in Reigate and I’ve only ever ventured in the town. We’ve been to Gatton Park which isn’t far… I’ll be making a trip here soon! Great photos, what a view! x #CountryKids ps. We must be nearly neighbours if Reigate is local to you…

    1. Thank you, it was a perfect place to take pictures.
      We love Gatton Park too and have been there a few times.
      It’s amazing how the fort has gone unnoticed by so many people.
      Have you been in the caves in Reigate Town?
      We are in Purley so only thirty minutes away from Reigate x

      1. No we haven’t been to the caves at all! Slap my hand, you can tell I am useless with my own area 🙂 I am going to have to research! We live in Epsom, so not far at all! x

      2. Oh wow yes just round the corner. We visit Hobbledown quite a bit.
        I think the caves are open next weekend, as it’s only limited opening. We not been yet but it’s on our list.
        Have a great weekend X

  3. I love the open space, the history and the views. what a lovely place to just be free and enjoy time together. Looks like the kids felt much the same, lovely photos of them exploring and enjoying all that they discovered. thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    1. They really are. To be honest we only visit the free ones as the membership would cost a fortune for all of my brood!! It means missing out on looking around the homes , but the gardens are always so beautiful X

  4. Gorgeous photos!! We don’t have any NT places near us, such a shame as you are right- they are great days out! Thanks for sharing in #KidsCorner x

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