A Fathers Day Trip To Abinger Hammer

This and every Father’s Day is spend with my beloved Dad.  He is everything to me and I would be completly lost without him.

He gave my sister and I such fantastic childhood memories to look back on.  He is always on the go and wants to fill every minute of his spare time with something fun to do and luckily enough my children have been able to reap the rewards of having the most fantastic grandfather too.

As children we always went to play at a beautiful spot in Dorking called Abinger Hammer.

It is a complete step back in time, and I have so many fond memories of days out here that are now being pasted down to my children.


After a lovely lunch where the children were surprisingly well behaved!  We set up a little spot for ourselves to relax with the family whist the children paddled in the stream, tried to catch some fish and played ball together.

It was the first time in a very long time that all five of mine were on a day trip together which was lovely for my Dad.


We also had another first this trip.  In over 20 years of trips here number five decided to take a nose dive straight into the stream!

This was mainly due to me trying to get a good picture and paying more attention to the camera than on him toppling in head first much to the amusement of everyone else.


It’s simple days like this that are my absolute favourite.  Good company, beautiful views and children being children.




6 thoughts on “A Fathers Day Trip To Abinger Hammer

  1. Do you know we actually bought and had our old car serviced in Abinger Hammer! It is a lovely sleepy village and I can imagine a perfect base for your family outting. Oops to the nose dive but I’m guessing all was well, I know how lovely it is to have all your children out together, it is rare for me these days too. Is that you and your eldest at the end? You look so alike and you look so young! Thank you for sharing your Father’s Day on Country Kids

    1. How funny is that!! We have been going there for such a long time and it has never changed.
      A big oops to him falling in but he soon got over it and was fine.
      Yes that is my eldest and people get us mixed up as sisters all the time. You can see the puzzled look on their faces when we are with the little ones to as, they are trying to work out who’s they are!!

  2. Oops at the nose dive, hope he wasn’t too traumatised! Looks like you all a fantastic day though. Thanks for linking up with #sundaystars x

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