Summertime Snacks For Little Fingers

With all this heat I always struggle to get my little ones to eat.  

The easiest thing to make are small finger foods that are bright and colourful and catch their eye.

We were off out today so I prepared some small bits to eat off of cocktail sticks and they went down a treat!

The boats were made of cheese cut into a triangles with a cocktail stick inserted into the middle and a satsuma segment on the bottom.

The noughts and crosses sandwiches were marmite sandwiches cut into a cross with a pastry cutter.  I then alternated these with a piece of cucumber and half a tomato.  All threaded onto another cocktail stick.

To cool them down afterwards I placed a lolly stick into the top of a small yogurt and placed into the freezer until they harden.  Once hard you can simply take them out and remove the pot and you have a lovely refreshing lolly.

You could use any sandwich filling and vegetable combination that you like.  Or replace the sandwich for meat of they are not sandwich lovers.



12 thoughts on “Summertime Snacks For Little Fingers

    1. I have one with food allergies so his choices can get very boring.
      To be honest it’s since he came along that I have tried to get a little more creative.

  1. These are so cute! Great ideas for the littlies! Everyone keeps telling me their kids aren’t eating with the heat – I don’t think mine got the memo, as they seem to be eating more than usual!! #foodpornthursdays

  2. What a great idea for the little ones. I am always making snack stuff but never thought of putting it on a toothpick. Of course with the way my kids eat it would need to be a skewer instead šŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing another great recipe with us at #foodpornthursdays.

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