Fruit Picking With A Tipsy Afternoon Tea


Our family all love fruit and we especially love our annual fruit picking trip.

Today was perfect weather for it so we set off to Flowers Farm in Godstone to start our day.

I only had the two little ones today so it was easier to keep an eye on the amount of fruit that was going into the mouths rather than the baskets!


Number four was quite reserved and only snuck a few, number five on the other hand didn’t get the concept at all and had to have his basket removed!

We got a fabulous crop of strawberries, raspberries and cherries and had a fantastic time running around the fields trying to find the best fruit.



Once we were all done we had a short drive up the road to the newly opened Oldpost.

I had been a while ago and had a beautiful Valentines afternoon tea here and wanted to take my parents and Sister as I knew it would be right up their street.

They were not disappointed as we walked into the beautiful, serene courtyard and picked a table by a tranquil water feature.



To my Sister’s delight they had a Wimbeldon themed menu which consisted of a scrumptious scone with cream and jam and a glass of processo or Pimms.


The staff were extremely welcoming and even though the setting was wonderful they were more than happy to accommodate my two over active little ones!

My Sister made a new best friend when she received a complementary top up on her prosecco.


Tummies full and slightly tipsy we had a walk around to see what else Oldpost had to offer.  There is a wonderfully stocked gift shop perfect for something a little different, a light and airy studio which offers a wide range of exercise classes and also classes for little ones; plus a beauty room offering a good array of very reasonable priced treatments.


With my birthday coming up next month my sister and I have a girly day there planned with another few glasses of prosecco to celebrate!




11 thoughts on “Fruit Picking With A Tipsy Afternoon Tea

  1. What a beautiful day out and so sunny! It must have been so lovely watching your little ones picking the fruit and running around the fields. I love going fruit picking.
    The rows of fruit looks endless. It’s really nice that so many of you went. I did have a little chuckle when you mentioned confiscating one basket. We had to do that with our daughter when we took her fruit picking the other day.

    What a cute little afternoon tea. Very envious of the pimms, I can see why you’re going for some girly time there soon too.

    Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather


  2. What a lovely place to go fruit picking! My A would be exactly the same, just eat them (or possibly throw, hmm…).

    It’s great that they can see how the fruit grows and that it tastes so delicious when picked fresh. I’ve gone off supermarket strawberries at the moment as our homegrown ones are so much sweeter.

    The scones and drinks sounds great, it doesn’t take much to make me tipsy nowadays (less than one glass of wine, I’m such a lightweight!) so I’m impressed you still managed to get some good photos afterward.

    Have a fab day when you and your sister go back again!

    Thanks for linking to #WhateverTheWeather

    1. I know the feeling!! Half a Pimms and I was very tipsy!!
      It’s such a great way to show them where things are from, although I’m now having trouble with my three year old trying to pick random berries!! X

  3. What a delightful day. I just love his little outfit with his converse (chuck) shoes on. I am going to have to see if I can find prosecco here in the U.S. Thanks so much for linking up with #momsterslink.

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