The Witching Hours Of Bath And Bedtime

Between the hours of around six to eight in this house there is a complete meltdown and the children all turn into tantruming, moany demons.

It starts with mealtime.  The older ones switch to “Kevin and Perry ” mode and look at their meal like I have served up pond water whilst the younger ones cover every available surface with theirs.

Once I have bribed them to eat what I can then comes the painstaking process of trying to clean the bomb site of the kitchen whist trying to brake  up several argument that are being caused by over tired, ratty children.

Next on the agenda is bathtime.  The youngest ones will generally flood the entire bathroom every evening and then whale like mad when it’s time to get dressed.  Followed by a night long battle to get my water phobic teenagers anywhere near a bar of soap!

Bedtime begins with the older ones trying every trick in the book to get to stay up that little bit longer.  They all of a sudden become wonderfully helpful children that offer to do any chores they can think of to get a few minutes more downstairs.  Number three’s favourite is to bribe me with a foot rub, which to be honest normally works.  It’s a constant stream of running up and down the stairs with the youngest two with the usual screaming, crying, toilet and water requests.

After my blood pressure had shot through the roof and I’ve sprouted a few more grey hairs, I look at their little faces all calm and peaceful and all is forgiven until tomorrow night!




14 thoughts on “The Witching Hours Of Bath And Bedtime

  1. I can relate on the teatime thing! It’s hit and miss for my 13.5mth old son. Bath and bedtime is usually fairly peaceful at the moment as he likes both however I know this will change! X thanks for linking to #BabyBrainMonday

  2. Lol! Oh gosh. I have this with just the one, what am I going to do if we have multiples?’ I’ll end up locking myself in a room lol. Thanks for linking up #babybrainmonday. I’ve also pinned your post 🙂 xx

  3. My girls were always incredibly routine bound, which made things easy. Now that they’re 9 and their routine changes during the summer, I’m starting to understand the fuss about bedtime challenges! Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday!

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