The Captivating Lavender Fields 


I will apologise now for the photo spam in this post, but I took so many pictures it was hard to chose my favourites.


For the past few years I have dressed my brood up in white and taken the short trip to the stunning Mayfield Lavender fields to take in their splender whilst taking some great shots.


Even though I have driven past these fields countless times over the years I am still taken back by there beauty every year.

The children still get exited to run up and down the long pathways peeping over at each other as they go.


The fields are located just outside the town of Banstead in Surrey.  There is a small charge of a pound per person and there is ample parking; but be warned they are a real crowd puller and it gets very busy.

They have added a tractor ride this year which I should imagine is great but unfortunately we got there to early and couldn’t wait for the first trip out of the day.

We finished our trip off today by getting some freshly cut lavender that we are going to use in our lavender playdough making this week.


There is also a coffee shop serving a small range of hot and cold food.  Our relaxing coffee was cut short by poor number five getting a wasp sting to his face!!


We will be making a trip back soon to give the tractor ride a go!


20 thoughts on “The Captivating Lavender Fields 

    1. No my daughter took that photo. I think it must be the sunlight.
      We bought a big bunch today and we’re making Playdoh with some. I will pop over to your blog and try the lemonade too 🙂

  1. What beautiful pictures!
    I’d love to see a field like this! Going to put it on my bucket list!
    Angela from

  2. Your photos are lovely, it looks amazing. Really glad you posted this as I was thinking I had missed the opportunity to get to lavender fields this year (never been) but we live close enough to go to this one. Love the idea of using some lavender in playdoh too.

    1. Oh no so try and get over. It’s not as bright as it was a few weeks ago but still stunning.
      We are going to be trying the playdoh tomorrow so I hope it’s a success!
      Thank you for popping by X

  3. I’d love to come here. It looks absolutely stunning, although i’m sure there are lots of bee’s. Eeeek! Your pictures are so lovely. xx #countrykids

  4. Those Lavender fields are amazing and your white tops show it off so well. I’d love a wonder through there and a chance to take some photos, it looks such a happy time for you all and some fun photos at play too. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  5. We discovered lavender fields close to us recently and linked up my post to #CountryKids this week too. What is it about the lavender fields that makes them just run without any prompting?? Your photos are absolutely stunning!!

    1. I commented on your post in the week. I really loved the variety in colours that were in the fields you visited.
      It is strange how the children just bolt off through the fields. I love to watch it x

  6. You got some brilliant photos – I especially like the first one 🙂 – poor thing with the bee sting though 🙁 hope it doest put him off and I love the fact that you all wear white – will have to think about that for next year x #CountryKids

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