A Reminder Not To Get Complacent With Allergies 

As a few of you will know number four has suffered from multiple allergies since he was a few months old.  Apart from some recipes I have not yet spoken a lot on my blog about this.

He was formally diagnosed with an allergy to nuts, sesame, soya, dairy, eggs and wheat at around 6 months.  And now carries an Epi Pen.  

We went through a really rough time of cutting all of this from my diet as I was breastfeeding, trying to keep his servere excezma under control and the long slog of finding a varied diet to introduce to him one he started weaning.

A couple of years on and his excezma is completly under control and the only problem will still have is his overly sensitive tummy that still causes problems.

That was until last night!  Whilst preparing dinner he was complaining of itchy eyes, to which I told him he must just be tired and did not pay to much attention to.  A few minutes later he was on the floor sobbing.  As I looked at him, his eyes were nearly closed over and were massively red and puffy.

I got some Piriton into him and phoned my husband who came home and rushed us to the hospital.  He was given some steroids and we were kept under observation for four hours.

It was a real wake up call to how things can change when you have a child with allergies, and you should never take things for granted.  We still don’t know what caused last nights attack.  He could of got hold of an allergin that he is known to have or it could be something completely new.

Life with my little allergy boy can be hard work and at times very scary.  Last nights little shock had definalty been a reminder that we need to be continually aware of him and his surroundings at all times.




21 thoughts on “A Reminder Not To Get Complacent With Allergies 

  1. Oh love him!My daughter has a dairy allergy/hayfever/eczema and now they’re thinking possibly asthma.Her eyes have done this a few times – not as bad as your poor little man mind you- and it’s scary when you don’t know why isn’t it x

      1. Dr said they are reluctant to diagnose under 5 so gave her an inhaler just in case.I’m hoping that as she gets older she’ll grow out of it!They have enough to deal with don’t they x

  2. Aaah bless you!!! One of the twins is allergic to egg. The reaction was SO severe — his lips and face swelled up. Thankfully he’s not allergic to baked egg — only cooked and raw — so it means he can have cakes 🙂 Going to hospital in an ambulance is something that I won’f forget in a hurry!! So scary. Hope he’s feeling better now xx Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — hope to see you again next week! x

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

    1. It’s so scary isn’t it! My husband has a severe nut allergy so unfortunately he got that with a few more thrown in!!
      He will be retested soon so I’m hoping he may have grown out of a few x

  3. I’m glad you were able to get him treatment quickly. I’ve been in his shoes many times. Well-meaning relatives were certain (back in the 80s, before there was much awareness) that my allergies were just overprotectiveness on my mother’s part, and they’d sneak allergens into my food to prove her wrong. I don’t much like being a guinea pig! Thankfully, I’ve outgrown both the dairy and egg allergies!

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

    1. Oh no that’s terrible!! I love it when people say ‘ oh a little bit won’t hurt!’
      In really hoping that he grows out of at least some of his allergies too.
      I think we are stuck with the bits as my husband is still allergic to them x

  4. It must be so so tough having a child with allergies and it’s so hard because you can’t always see where the allergens are! We have intolerances here, which is different but it has made me SO much more aware of what life must be like for you – e.g. children eating on play equipment in the park etc.

  5. We also have a large crew. Six kiddos in our family and child number 3 in our family has nearly all the same allergies. I totally sympathize! We also have done the rush to the ER on many occasions. And the epi pen is now practically an extra appendage. He has every one that your number 4 has except the wheat allergy.

    We just got him tested for allergies to external allergens and out of 48 he tested severe to moderately allergic to 37. We just got him on allergy shots like 3 months ago, and while it is costly, we’ve seen a huge improvement already! So it’s something you might look into. The science has come a long way.

  6. oh gosh this must be so scary I really feel for you having to go through this I guess its just one of those things you have learnt to live with now but I couldn’t even begin to imagine the extra strain it gives you. Hope he’s okay now Thanks for sharing on #sundaystars x

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