Center Parcs:The Perfect Family Holiday

I first visited Center Parcs twenty one years ago when Longleat was opened and have been there nearly every year since.

It is the kind of place you simply can’t tire of and had something to offer if you are 1 or 101!!

If you were to ask any of my children what their favourite hoilday is they will always pick Center Parcs as the top of their list, well baring Disney (sorry)!

Over the years we had had trips where we have taken part in lots of activities and others where we have relaxed more and made use of exploring the wonderful surroundings Longleat is set in.

We always hire bikes when we go as it is the easiest way to travel from place to place, and much more fun than walking.  It’s a great place to practice your cycling as the roads are car free once everyone has checked in and there is not the worry that you would get riding a bike at home.  If cycling is not your your thing then there is a land train that you can hop onboard.

We always get a trailer for the youngest ones which doubles up perfectly as a shopping cart!

We usually grab our bikes and head off to our favourite resturant, The Pancake House.  This year was made extra special by an allergy free pancake being put on the menu so number four was not left out.





Tummies now full we made our way to our lodge to get settled in.  This year we were greeted with the usual open plan, cosy lodge nestled in the woodland with all the things you need from any self catering accommodation.  To our delight our lodge was set right onto a beautiful large pond which was perfect for on tap duck feeding.



The children were now champing at the bit to get to the pool which is a favourite for everyone.  They have a well set out area for babies and toddlers, a large pool area that has a wave machine on the hour that leads into a great lazy river, several water slides, jacuzzis to relax in; but our firm favourite is the Rapids.  It is an outdoor slide adventure that I love more than the children!

This year the children picked one activity each and we filled the rest of our time with bike riding, swimming, playing on the beach and making use of all the playgrounds on offer.



Number four had his first outdoor activity this year which was the Mini Trek.  He had a fantastic time and thought he was on ‘Ninja Warrior’.



‘Super Grandad’, hubby, number two and number three all took part in the High Ropes Challange.  This was a two hour activity and they loved every minute of it.


Last of the activities was the Arieal Adventure. This has changed slightly this year but was still the firm favourite.


As far as eating goes at Center Parcs we have always found the restaurants really good value for money and there is plenty of choice.


We usually eat in a lot as it is easier with a large family with young children and ours love to make use of the barbecue area at the lodge.  There is a supermarket on site with mini trollies which are always a highlight.  The supermarket has everything you could want but is very pricy so I would suggest bringing your own good if you were trying to save money by making use of the self catering.



We always have tears when we have to end of trip and I can hand on heart say that Center Parcs can’t be faulted.  It is the perfect family holiday and the fact we have visisted for over twenty years should just show you what a truly fabulous place it is. 




15 thoughts on “Center Parcs:The Perfect Family Holiday

    1. I’ve taken all of mine from babies and they love it. This year Frankie was three and loved the rides in the trailer, swimming and the outdoor adventure course. There are also lots of indoor activities and things you can do as a family that we normally do. I think he would love it x

  1. I’ve never been to Centerparcs, but I really want to take the kids one day! Cumbria is our nearest one and I’ve heard so many good reviews. I love that Longleat Centerparcs has a ropes course for smaller ones to do as well, that’s great! My O would love to do that!
    Some fabulous photos there and great memories being made, love the photo with number 2 looking cool while everyone else smiles/sticks out tongues!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather. 🙂 x

  2. I love everything about this post. Longleat is on my bucket list and so is staying at Center Parcs now. I can’t believe how much there is to do. I love the adventure park and the mini trolleys are a fantastic idea. The pictures of them asleep are so adorable. We can’t wait to hire a bike with one of the tandems on the back for Evie. I’ve actually just pulled up the center parcs site and am well on the way to booking a stay. Ahhh 😀 you’ve definitely sold it. Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather x

    1. I’m so glad you have enjoyed reading and it had inspired you to go. We have tagged the safari park onto our stay a few times as that is fantastic too.
      You can use Clubcard vouchers for entry there if that is something you collect x

  3. This all looks so wonderful and you have some great photographs to look back too! We are visiting the UK in July next year (2016) and this looks a ‘must do’ place for us to stay for a few nights, with our three, active, daughters!

  4. We have never been to a Centre Parcs but I do love the look of the activities on offer, I know we would all adore the tree top challenges, we did something very similar years ago in France and my kids still talk about it. I have a feeling with everything from roasting marshmallows to water play your kids will be remembering this holiday for a long time to come. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

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