The Overindulgence Of The Summer Holidays 

Every summer I tell myself the same thing.  Get up early to train before the kids are up, keep your healthy eating regime going, keep treats to a minnimum.  Every year this falls by the wayside and I end up losing fitness and gaining more than a few pounds!!

The word ‘holiday’ just sends me into relaxation mode and that would be fine if I had a couple of weeks of indulgence, but seven whole weeks is way to much and I am beginning to suffer from it in many ways!

My clothes are all that bit tighter, my skin has become dull and grey and I’m now lacking that get up and go I have when I’m following my usual routine.

The piles of meat at BBQs, gallons of ice cream and trays of cream teas all washed down with a few glasses of Pimms have had me reaching for help with acid indigestion on more than one occasion.

It is back to the routine of school next week which means I can get things back on track with a bit of help from my personal trainer hubby.

I shall be donning my boxing gloves, crying at the burpee jumps and sinking a whole lot of smothies to get me back into tip top shape.

If you fancy following me on this journey I will be posting a weekly diet and exercise plan and charting my progress as I go.  Keep an eye out for next weeks first post.

9 thoughts on “The Overindulgence Of The Summer Holidays 

  1. I think I am now hungry after seeing your pictures of your food! I think I gain more in summer than I do over christmas, I think it’s the longer period of time of just ‘chilling out’
    Good luck

    1. I think your right!! It’s really hard to switch out of holiday mode when it’s over such a long period. The kids are back at school a week apart so I’m still finding it hard to get started!! X

  2. Hah you sound just like me, I just couldn’t stop eating this summer! Still, that’s handy having a personal trainer for a husband! Good luck xx #twinklytuesday

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