A New Me For Christmas:Week One

As a personal trainer by trade it has taken me a while to pluck up the courage and write this post.

Since baby number five I have had a really bad relationship with food and have not yet got back to anywhere near my pre pregnancy weight.  I’m still training as that will always be a passion of mine, but you can never out train a bad diet.

I had issues with food through my teenage years and still cant shake the feast or famine approach I have to eating sometimes.

I wrote a post about holiday weight gain a couple of weeks back and have finally this week got back to the normally of the school run and am going to get myself back into a healthy eating regime and exercise plan.

As I said this is a hard post to write as I’m really unhappy with my body image at the moment and it’s all due to my lack of self discipline that I’m eager to get back.   Hopefully by tracking my weight, body fat and measurements I will get myself back on track and inspire others to do the same.

Each week I will post my goals for the week ahead, a picture so that I can see physical changes and how I have done with my weights and measurements.

By putting it out their for you all to see I hope this will give me the motivation I need and let you see regardless of your occupation we are all human and sometimes we go off track but it’s possible for anyone to go and be the best that possibly can be!

Week One

Weight – 10.6 Stone

BMI – 23

Body Fat – 28.5


At least 4lbs weight loss

Interval train at least three times

Cut out all refined sugars and wheat.  Both of which have a negative affect on me.

Complete a food diary everyday

Cut down on caffeine

16 thoughts on “A New Me For Christmas:Week One

  1. Ahh, I can relate to you as although I only have 1 child, Iam still trying to get back to the old me from over 2 years ago. I think you look great after having 5 children, try and feel more confident and it will come through. Your doing all the right things! Good luck! 🙂


  2. Good luck lovely! As soon as I’m back from my holiday in a couple of weeks I shall be joining you in this missing for a new me by Christmas!! 🙂 You can do it!! Xx

  3. I also think you look pretty amazing especially after 5 kids, but I do understand that it must have been very brave of you to write as a personal trainer. I am sure you can do it and look forward to reading about your success. #weighloseorstay

    1. Thank you Laura. I’ve not returned to work since number five but should still be practicing what I preach. It will be great to link up with you each week for some added motivation X

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