My Captured Moment:My Handful Off To Nursery

I’ve not linked up to My Captured Moment with Heled at ‘Running In Lavender‘ for a few weeks now.  With all the children off on holidays I took a bit of a back seat and enjoyed some time with the family.

This was a special holiday as the new term was starting with number four’s first term at nursery.  It is now just me and the baby now and our mornings are now a lot quieter without this little guy around.

7 thoughts on “My Captured Moment:My Handful Off To Nursery

  1. There’s something so cute about a child wearing a back pack. They always look so big on their little backs, making them look even smaller and cute! This is a great capture. I hope he enjoyed his 1st day. Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

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