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During my usually social media scroll yesterday morning whilst the children were tucked up on the sofa watching TV I came across a petition to stop Cebebbies being taken of air!!

What on earth are they thinking this channel has been my saviour for over eighteen years.

There is always the big debate as to how much TV children should watch and what is appropriate, and for me Cebebbies has been the perfect channel of choice for mine.  They have have learnt about healthy eating with I Can Cook, explored the fun of gardening with Mr Bloom, had a peak at history with Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures to name but a few.

The bedtime hour has always been part of our bedtime routine with the kids making me join in and sing the song at the end and wave goodnight to Iggle Piggle.

It even caused me to have an altercation in Woolworths many years ago as I nosed dived into the store to grab my eldest the much wanted Teletubbies toy.

Don’t get me wrong not seeing Mr Tumbles face pop in in his hundreds of different guises would be a welcome break, but for many parents out there you are taking away a lifeline!

It gives them five minutes to have a coffee in peace, put some washing out, keeps an older sibling occupied in those early days of bringing a new born home.

Please reconsider this ludicrous decision for the sanity of parents all over the UK.


15 thoughts on “WHAT No More Cebeebies

  1. haha!!!! even now at 9 years old i catch Nicholas having a little watch and I don’t mind admitting i sit and watch with him remembering all his old faves like our planet and of course mr tumble and come outside. They really do need to reconsider about taking it off air.

  2. omg, seriously? They’ve just done a big show on CBBC celebrating 30 years of children’s TV (well worth a watch if you remember the broom cupboard days) – but they made specific mention of CBeebies. I don’t even watch it but we do get the shows on iPlayer and it would be a real shame to lose it. I wonder what their thinking is behind such a decision.

    1. Oh really I would love to watch that! It really doesn’t make sense to take such a massively popular channel off air.
      I was also thinking about the Alton Towers attraction as that is only a few years old.

  3. Oh my goodness, I forgot about tellytubby mania! Iggle Piggle rules our house. That picture is SO cute! #babybrainmonday

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