Wicked Wednesday’s:Decorating With Mascara

Well it is just my luck, number four has turned a corner and has massively calmed down for number five who was my angelic baby to take his place!

Whist getting ready for the nursery run he desires to paint my bedroom door with mascara!!  I’m just grateful I’m more of a Rimmel girl than Channel.

16 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday’s:Decorating With Mascara

  1. My first thought was is it expensive?! I have stopped buying expensive everything for this exact reason! Little monkey’s although if that was one of my boys I reckon I would think they are more than a monkey! xx

    1. Thankfully I’ve never been that into makeup. It is either across the walls like this, stolen from my eldest or used for number threes make up tutorials she loves to pretend to do!! Xx

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