Catching ‘Real’ Sharks At Box Hill

Our Saturday’s usually consist of dropping the big ones at their chosen activities at its just me and the youngest two that meet up with my sister to go out and find some fun.

We were very indecisive today and finally decided to take a walk up at Box Hill.  She was not so keen on the idea as she was sporting 5 inch heels!


Instead of taking our usual drive up to the top of the hill, today we decided to find the stepping stones that we had not visited before.  This proved a little tricky as the signposts were not great and we tried several different locations until we finally found our way.  

We took a picturesque walk through Burford Medow which takes you alongside the River Mole.  There were plenty of trees to clamber over, a rope swing over the river that none of us were brave enough to try and a beautiful bridge that we stopped on to play ‘pooh sticks’ for a while. 


A coupe of minutes on we got to the stunning stepping stones.  It was so calm and serine, a real beauty spot.


Number four was very annoyed that I wouldn’t let him bound over on his own and he was making my nerves bad by fishing for ‘real’ sharks over the edge with his stick!


We spent a good while here by the waters edge, digging in the mud and having sword fights with sticks.

These are always my favourite kind of days.  Wandering through the countryside really letting kids be kids with their imaginations running wild.  I mean I bet you didn’t know there were sharks in Surrey!!



10 thoughts on “Catching ‘Real’ Sharks At Box Hill

  1. What a wonderful set of stepping stones, I’m pinning these to add to Farmer Nick’s to do list! Bless your sister, I wouldn’t have managed more than a few meters without complaining my feet hurt in those heels and would certainly have fallen in the river crossing by the stepping stones, I bet she needed a foot soak after! I do agree with you though, days like this with family, countryside and a good dose of kiddie imagination with a stick are just the best. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    1. I did feel bad for my sister as I had deferred from a trip round the shops to a full on ramble!!
      I’m sure the stepping stones would be fantastic at Coombe Mill. Even better in the summer when you can jump in the stream off of them!
      My children always prefer a day like this rather than a playground which always pleases me xx

  2. I love stepping stones, they are so much fun to cross! I don’t blame you for stopping your son from crossing them, I don’t think I would trust my eldest to not fall in! Fishing for sharks sounds like a fab activity, hope he didn’t catch any that were too big! Those are definitely the best days out.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather πŸ™‚ x

  3. haha I love this! I had no idea there were sharks in Surrey πŸ˜‰ . It is so so nice to just be able to let kids run free and enjoy their surroundings without any rules or worries. This place does look so serene. I hope your sister faired ok in her 5 inch heels. I must admit, I live in a very outdoorsy area and I never dress for my surroundings (and always get told off for it when I’m wearing silly footwear in the middle of a muddy field – for me though it’s normally dolly shoes or flip flops in muddy puddles and swamps). This sounds like such a lovely day out though. Thank you for linking this post to #whatevertheweather x

  4. Looks like a really fun day out! I will have to go some time, although I’m sure I’d lose one or both of mine in the water at those stepping stones.. Would definitely have to remember to bring a change of clothes!

  5. Ah this has given me some more inspiration for summer activities! I always forget about Box Hill.
    Always nice to finish off at The Box Tree for dinner and a cold one!

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