Getting Over My Waxing Fear With Veet


I’ve managed to get to the ripe old age of thirty five having never waxed my legs!  I’ve always listened to the horror stories about the excruciating pain and been completly put off.

Over the past few years though my usual method of shaving has left me with a few painful in growing hairs, so when Veet asked me to try out their new Easy Wax Roll On Kit I was more than happy to bite the bullet and give it a try.

When I think of waxing I have images of big messy pots of gooey wax and wooden spatulas.  This however is simply a handheld device that you slip the wax roll on refill into, plug into the mains and leave to heat for around 20/30 mins.  Once the wax is warmed you roll the wax in the direction of your hair growth, apply the removal strip to your skin, rub several times and pull away.  Once all of the hair is removed there are wipes supplied to get rid of any residue that is left.

To my suprise the pain was not nearly as horrific as I was imagining and a much smoother finish was produced compared to my usual razor shave.

As I have quite thick, dark hair I have to shave every other day but with waxing using the Veet applicator I now only have to do it every four weeks.  

I’m so glad that Veet has bought this great product to my attention as it has given me a much better appearance that I can get once a month rather than faffing around every other day.
I was gifted this product by Veet and all they are all my own honest opinions.

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