Haunted Halloween At Priory Farm


Today didn’t go quite as planned.  We set off today to have a tractor ride to pick our own pumpkins at Priory Farm but due to my poor organisation skills we were a week late!!

This was not a problem as there was so much to keep us occupied we soon forgot about it.

One of the best features that Priory Farm has to offer is the discovery walk that has a spooky twist in it at this time of year.  The children can collect their quiz sheet at the kiosk and work their way round the walk answering questions and exploring everything it has to offer.


Their are pumpkins hanging in trees to count, broomsticks hiding in the orchard and spiders lurking in the woods that all need hunting out.


As well as the spooky quiz there are tunnels to explore and plenty of hungry fish to feed.


As our trip was originally to collect our pumpkins a trip to the Witches Cave was a must.  There was a creepy tunnel to walk through and hundreds of different pumpkins to choose from.


We rounded off our day with a trip to the coffee shop where we had the most wonderful homemade cake whilst the kids got on with some Halloween themed colouring.


All the Halloween fun will be going on over the half term and I highly recommend a visit with your little devils.

9 thoughts on “Haunted Halloween At Priory Farm

  1. That looks like a great fun day out, lots to do, and topped off with cake too. I love their glow in the dark outfits! #busydoinglife

  2. Wow looks fab. I thought I was the only one who did stuff like that, running a week late!!! 😂 Glad I’m not the only one, & looks like you had a great day despite the lack of tractors. 🚜Love your boys tops so much by the way, where were they from please? #busydoinglife

    1. Ha ha I’m forever doing this like this and annoying my whole family!!
      The tops are from Gap and are in the sale at the moment. I love the fact they are glow in the dark x

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