Not So Smug Anymore!


After a day filled with meltdowns over magazines, tantrums about the wrong colour grapes and cleaning up a pot plant that had been launched across the bathroom I sat back tonight and reflected on all those sideways, judgemental looks I have thrown to other parents over the years.

With my first three I will now openly admit that I was a super smug Mum. They were far from perfect as no child is but with a stern talking to or one of those looks only a Mother could give they would more than normally fall into line and do as they were told.

I would get remarks from people on how polite and well behaved my children were.  There was in fact one occasion when a stranger came over to let me know what a well mannered child number three was.

I would sit at soft play areas and chat with friends while the children all happily played.  We could go to the park and I would know they could wander around happily safe in the knowledge they would never be to far from my side.  A meal out was always a good experience as long as we didn’t drag it out for to long.

I would see a child throwing a tantrum and would throw the mother a judgemental look and wonder why she was allowing this to happen, I would watch programs like Super Nanny and would be astounded as to how people could let their children behave in such a way and then number four came along!

 This little bundle of joy completly turned my world upside down in more ways than one.

I became that mother that got a look as we walked into toddler group, people stop and stare as he screams and hits out in the middle of a shopping centre, I am continually on edge when we are in the playground as I never know what his next move will be.  My home has become a destruction zone of ripped wall paper and discarded toys.

He is the only one that has resorted me to tears, I’ve had so many trips to the health visitor for help I have lost count, I’ve dragged him kicking and screaming from soft play areas with silenced crowds staring at me.

I now wish I could turn the clocks back and offer a sympathetic look or reach out a much needed hand to all those mothers I have judged in the past.  It just goes to show that no matter how you bring your children up and what coping mechanisms you put in place life can always throw you a curve ball that completly messes with all your best laid plans.

His character makes him the little boy he is but boy had he been a challange!

10 thoughts on “Not So Smug Anymore!

  1. Ha ha, oh well, I guess someday the comeuppance will always come 🙂 But I as they say, feisty and difficult children will grow up to be independent and strong adults, so just hang in there! 🙂 I have been lucky with my very mellow toddler girl, but who knows what kind of a character the next one will be 🙂

    1. They are all so different and you can never tell what your going to get!!
      I have my fingers crossed for that strong adult who will look after me in my old age to repay me for what he put me through!! X

  2. I hear you! I have a very strong personality child for my number two, and there are days when no mommy look, glare, or statement seems to get through. There are many who send me looks, but I have to keep remembering that I am doing what I can, and his personality can become an asset for him in the future.



  3. I too was smug mummy but added with smug teacher. Smug teacher mummy is definitely worse believe me. Then my big lad arrived and all my rhetoric fell apart! A fact my mum loves to remind me of!!! I too say sorry to all those mums and hang my head in shame! loved this post as it really made me smile at my own stupidity and it’s nice to know I’m not alone. #twinklytuesday

  4. I’m half and half — sometimes a bit smug because *most* of the time they’re pretty well behaved and the best thing is THEY SLEEP!! But in equal measures, I’m the mum who others frown at because they’re sometimes REALLY defiant in public!! An independent 2 and a half year old is hard work — TWO independent 2 and a half years olds can reduce a grown woman to tears!! 😉 Thanks so much for linking up with us on #TwinklyTuesday

    1. You so lucky to have sleepers!! U only had two out of five that sort well.
      I may have five children but I take my hat off to you for juggling twins!! I don’t know I would cope! X

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