Pumpkin Carving And Crafts Galore 

This is our final dayout before the big night of parties and trick and or treat.  As I’ve said before I really love all the fun that Halloween brings and we always have a trip to Morden Hall in Surrey in the lead up to get us in the mood.

You all know that National Trust activities are always a favourite with me as there is always a mixture of exploring the great outdoors with plenty of fun things to make and do.

Today we set off armed with the pumpkins we picked the other day ready to see what was in store for us today.


There were plenty of tables set up with buckets of utensils to help you carve out your masterpieces.  It’s always great fun to do and saves all the mess at home!

Next up we made our way to all the crafts that had been set up.  Number four had his eye on making a spider headpiece and they all took a turn at making some toliet roll mummies.  There was also a beautiful hanging paper pumpkin but number five got restless so we had to move on.

They were all a little peckish so we picked up a pulled pork burger from the Swine ‘n’ Dine stall that was there along with a few other stalls selling lots of yummy food.  The food was outstanding and they even managed to sort something sutiable for my little allergy boy.

Our final activity of the day was the nature trail which took us through the pretty rose gardens and over the stunning white bridge to play Pooh Sticks.


We came to the end of the trail which was rounded off wonderfully with a creepy bug hut.  Mine alway love digging around in the dirt to see what minibeasts they can capture and have a good look at.  Number four was a little disappointment he could take the worm home that he had found.


We had one last look around at the watermill and picked out our favourite scarecrow, all of which were fantastic.  Number five took a particular liking to one!


If you are looking for something to do over the weekend I can highly recommend a trip along to Morden Hall to see everything it has on offer, Halloween related or not.


9 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving And Crafts Galore 

  1. I can’t take my eyes off that spider hat, it is a fantastic idea and one I am pinning for our Halloween day next year. We have a full hour and a half of crafts here for Halloween and I’m always looking for new ideas to add each year so thank you for sharing this one. I love the idea of all the pumpkin carving tools, we only had my grotty kitchen knife collection though some of our guests really went to town on the decorations they made. Looks like a great build up to Halloween with the National Trust with the nature trails too, I hope I get to see your Halloween day itself next week on Country Kids. I’ll be sharing ours then too.

    1. They were so easy to make and all the children loved them! There were also some really cool hanging pumpkins but mine were crafted out!
      It is so much easier to carve with the smaller knifes as I’m no expert.
      Can’t wait to see what you guys all got up too x

  2. I am with you I love National Trust places, always so much to do at their events. At least with carving your pumpkins there you do not need all the tools at home either.
    Bug hunting is always fun, though not always productive in this cooler weather.Nice that you manage to get something to amuse each of them isomewhere alonbg the line. #countrykids

    1. It’s hard to keep a range of ages happy but yea this covered all our bases.
      I’m so rubbish at pumpkin carving so it’s great to have some other adults to put a little input in! X

  3. Looks like a lovely day out! Love how interested your little ones are in the worm, we had a little girl at Rainbow Guides a few weekends ago who had brought in several pet insects in a large jar, she kept taking them out to show everyone in the hall and I was worried about the poor woodlice and worms getting crushed! I love the idea of carving pumpkins at an event, they have all the tools that we don’t have and no mess at home! The spider hat is cool too!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  4. Wow this sounds like such a fun day out. I love their face paint, I love the spider hat, I love the look of that food, I love the pumpkin carving, I love the outdoors adventure. I love this post!!! It sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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