Super Cool Teething Necklaces By Lara And Ollie


I stopped wearing necklaces a while ago due to the fact that so many got completly ruined at the hands of inquisitive babies and toddlers.  

They are like magpies, they spot something around your neck and drag and pull at it until they have part of in in their sticky little mitts.

When I was asked by the lovely ladies at Lara And Ollie to try out their stylish looking teething necklace I jumped at the chance.

There is a vast choice of different colours with beautiful stacking bangles to match. I opted for the black, grey and cream necklace as I felt that it would fit in well with the majority of my wardrobe and would be the perfect tones for the colder weather we have coming up.

As soon as I put it on number five made a beeline for it and was more than happy to sit there and chew and pull on it without causing him or the necklace any halm.

I have also found it really handy to pass to him to keep him amused if he gets a bit ratty.  Let’s face it they all want to play with anything but a toy!

This is a funky yet functional necklace that looks great and is perfect to soothe little ones sore gums, keep them amused and make you look fab!

I was gifted this necklace by Lara And Ollie for the purpose of this review.  They are all my own honest opinions.

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