Lots Of Fun With Sands Alive

What better way to bring a bit of that much missed summer fun back than to have some indoor sand to play with!

Sands Alive from John Adams a modelling product than unlike most clays and play doughs does not dry out.  It has a sand like texture to look at but once bought together it allows you to mould it into shapes which then holds in place.

We were sent a starter pack and the animal pack to try out and were very pleasantly surprised.

The packs contain a bag of sand, moulds and rollers and a tray to play with it all in.

The sand is a very strange texture and forms shapes really easily.  Our favourites were the cute animals that we made up and then set up along an animal print walkway.

This would cover a wide age range and even my teenager couldn’t help but sit down and have a go.

I was really worried that this was going to be a massively messy toy but the sand stayed mainly within the trays and the bits that escaped were easy to pick up.

My little ones had lots of fun with this and have already put the the castle set on their Christmas lists!

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