Rubik Cube Review

When I was younger I always wanted a Rubix cube and never had one!  When we visited my cousins I would sit for hours trying to solve the puzzle but never could.

When John Adams set us the challenge of competing the Rubik challenge I couldn’t turn it down!

Number two who is as competitive as me was convinced he could complete it before me.

He came in every night after school and sat and tried to complete it.  After a couple of days he gave in and had a look at some tips online.  He has got really close but not solved  the challenge yet and neither have I!

This is a great puzzle for children aged 8 onwards.  It is fantastic to get theirs brains working at problem solving and using concentration skills.

I’ve found it increasingly hard to get number two interested in anything apart from computer games recently so this made a really refreshing change.
We were gifted this Rubik cube for the purpose of this review and they are all my own honest opinion.


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