How To Tell A Blogger’s Child

I’ve been blogging for around nine months now and it has bought so much more to my life than I could have imagined.  It has also had a bigger impact on the children than I thought!

Here are a few things that I have caught my children saying and doing since I started blogging and I’m sure that many of you Blogger’s out there can relate to a few!!

“Mum that’s a nice wall” on many occasion we have walked past a big clean white wall or some stunning street art and the children will stop and say “hey Mum that’s a nice wall”.  This is because a wall is one of my favourite backdrops to my photos.

Cheese! My love of walls has now made such an impact that every time  we pass somewhere that looks like a good photo opportunity number five now backs up to the wall and stands there saying “cheese”. He will make a great model someday!

Waiting To Eat when we are out the children now dont wait to eat out of politeness, they hang back incase I want to take a photo!  I can never resist a lunchtime upload to Instagram.

It’s Nicky! We tend to have quite a few visits from the postman or should I say post lady each week; in fact when the door goes in the morning now the boys run towards the door saying “it’s Nicky”.  Oh yes we are now on first name terms and the boys love to have a chat whist bringing in the parcels.

“Can we play yet?” Once the parcels are in they love nothing more than ripping open the boxes to see what’s inside.  They then sit their patiently asking “can we play yet?”  This is because they know it’s going to take me forever to get some pictures before they are allowed to try them out!

“Where shall we sit?” We have always been a crafty family but this is now a little more structured than it used to be.  I love to get pictures of the children whist they are creating their masterpieces but this requires good lighting and more often than not blocking out my bomb site of a kitchen in the background!


I pondered over these changes for a while now and to be honest if it makes them more aware of there surroundings, gets them out exploring new places and meeting new people and having the opportunity to try out new toys and read new books  having a blogger as a mummy really can’t be a bad thing.


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