Christmas Birthdays Are Pants

 I’m sitting here on the eve of number five’s birthday feeling massive guilt that I can’t muster up the enthusiasm to get the house celebration ready for him tomorrow.
It’s not his fault that we had completely rubbish planning when it came to his birth date, it’s not his fault that I’m suffering complete burn out from all the Christmas celebrations and it’s not his fault everybody will be busy getting ready for New Years Eve.

He will only be turning two and already has a massive pile of untouched toys in his bedroom so we’ve had a real struggle to chose what to get him and we couldn’t plan a big party as most people were away with family for the festive period.  

I always remember friends at school that had Christmas birthdays moaning that their presents were always wrapped in Christmas paper or they just had two present that covered both.

I was determined that this would never happen and only on his second birthday I can already feel if being engulfed by Christmas and New Year.

So after writing this I’m going to hop to it and get this house fit for my birthday boy the same as I would for the others!

7 thoughts on “Christmas Birthdays Are Pants

  1. I hear you! LJs is 10 days before Christmas and I really struggle organising anything when Christmas is looming. We always have a summer party for her half birthday each year so she gets to have a special day outside of the celebrations. Good luck for tomorrow xx

  2. I completely understand as F’s birthday is New Year’s Eve. At least everyone wants to party still at this time, my husband’s is on 2nd January and he said growing up no one wanted to go out and everyone was skint by then! We force ourselves to go out for a meal but it’s always a force because who wants MORE food?! I think it’s a shame for the little ones because developmentally six months can make a big difference in the things they are interested in and like. If they had a bithday half way through the year then they could have something a step on from the things they had for Christmas. This is why I brought in the tradition of giving her a present on my birthday in the summer. But of course now I have to give one to J too or he’d be left out… 😉 Happy birthday to your little one! x

  3. Oh hon try not to feel too bad. My little man turns two in a few weeks and isn’t getting a party either, but they’re so oblivious at this age and are happy with any extra attention. Hope you’re all having a fab day, I’m sure you are 😉 xxx

    1. We had a great day in the end thank you. Only had a little tea party bit as you said they have no idea anyway!
      I can’t see the point in big expensive parties at this a age as they are ultimately more for the adults! X

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