Spreading Festive Cheer:Blog It Forward

I was tagged by the lovely Wafflemama to take part in the fabulous campaign that wayfair.co.uk have set up to run through the December.  It is to get Blogger’s together to do a good deed the will give something back.  In return for this they will donate a huge £50 for every blog post!


It’s a time of year where we can all be preoccupied with our own lives and forget about others around us.

I have come into this right at the last minute so I have done one act but have lots planed to do that I will take into the new year with me.

Yesterday we greeted our new neighbours with a box of chocolates to welcome them into their new home.  I feel community spirit is becoming a thing of the past and would love to get a little row of houses more together.

For the New Year I sat with the children and came up with these acts to carry out:

  • Take a parcel to our local food bank
  • A cake sale for a local charity
  • Take a friends dog for a walk
  • Help out neighbour with their shopping
  • Do the school run for a friend with a newborn

These little things are so simple bout can bring such joy to others.

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