Panasonic Blueray/Freeview Player Review


With such a large family we often find it hard to watch the programs that we want all the time as there is alway so one that need to be dropped off somewhere, homework to do housework to sort out or simply were out and about enjoying ourselves.

What better way to solve this problem is there than a Freeview recorder than can record all your favourite shows for you to watch when you want!

We were given the chance to review the Panasonic Smart Blueray and Freeview recorder and I knew that it would be a great addition to our hectic schedule.

The sleek design fitted in well with our decor and was not as bulky as I imagined it would be.  The Blueray player was fantastic as we’ve not used any DVDs or Buerays for years so the kids loved during them all off and watching some old favourites.

You get a fantastic array of channels to watch with the Freeview channels which can be recorded at any time and can be watched back whenever is convenient for you.

We are all big fans of Netfix so the real pull for us was the button to take you straight through.  It means that Horrid Henry and Peppa Pig have been on loop for weeks now!

To me this would be the perfect alternative to an expensive pay monthly subscription to a sky or cable provider.  It offers so much that I really don’t think you would miss out on anything these they have to offer so after the initial outlay you will be making a huge saving.

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