New Year, New Me


Well the first month of the year has been and gone, along with most people’s New Years Resolutions!

I usually start off my New Year with a big long list of all the things I want to accomplish in my brand new clean diary.  A New Year, a new page in the book and so much to look forward too.

The more the year goes and and the less I can tick off the more down I become about achieving these goals which just leads to self doubt and lack of motivation.

This year there have been no lists to adhere to, no big unachievable goals just thoughts and dreams in my head that I will work towards with no time restraints and no pressure.

As with most people a change of lifestyle always appears in the forefront of my mind.  Last year my weightloss journey hit a brick wall and left me feeling deflated and a few  weeks ago I had a wake up call about inflicticting bad eating and body image habits on my children.  So this year there will be no scales, fad diets or unrealistic exercise regimes.  Just clean eating, staying active and not stressing if we sway and have the odd treat!

We are only here once and depriving yourself of the things you love is no fun for anyone.  The moto this year is ‘everything in moderation’. This has been an issue for me for many years as I’ve been an all or nothing kind of person but I need to turn this around and hopefully this year will be my year.  

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