Mummy Treats On A Budget

A wrote a post a while ago on getting my mojo back and over the past few months it has disappeared again and I’m in the search for it again!

Since the beginning of the new year I have got my healthy eating and exercise back on track so next in the agenda is a bit of self care and an overhaul of my wardrobe.

With five children money for luxuries such as getting my hair and done is usually reserved for special occasions and so unfortunately with a serious lack of nights out my hair has not seen a hairdressers for a very long time!

I recently saw a post on Facebook advertising for hair models at Toni and Guy in Reigate and with a colour and blow dry for only £15 I thought it was worth a try.  My usual trip to the hairdressers would cost in excess of £80 so this is a huge saving. 

I took my frazzled grey hair along and was greeted by a lovely young lady that sat me down, asked exactly what I was after and set to work on my hair. Everything that she did was overlooked by her tutor although she was more than capable and you would never tell that she had just started out in her hairdressing journey.

The trip was nothing different to any other salon experience other than it being a fraction of the cost!

With a lovely new hair do I made my way home to have a sort out of my wardrobe.  I pulled out all of the things that I’ve not worn for over two years and put them straight into a box for eBay.  I have decided that instead of going out and spending a fortune on new clothes I am going to get some new accessories to jazz up my old outfits.

A colourful scarf or glitzy necklace can make something you’ve had for years feel brand new and can cost next to nothing.  I find ASOS fantastic for affordable accessories.  Last year I picked up a scarf, set of bangles and  great multi strand necklace for less than £10.

Im also going to pluck up the courage and start to wear some hats that I’ve not had the guts to wear before!  

What do you do to give yourself a treat that doesn’t cost the earth?

2 thoughts on “Mummy Treats On A Budget

  1. As a mama of three a big treat for me is time. I try and schedule a couple of hours of non ‘chore’ time into my week to just hang out with my brood. Totally free! X

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