Reigate Heath Windmill

I’ve always had a love for windmills and I’ve not visited one for years.  I was talking to the children about them the other day and they had no idea what they were used for.  After explaining the ins and out of a windmill I thought it would be good to take a trip to see one so they could see first hand what they were used for.

We have a few near us but the opening times are a few and far between so when I came across one on Reigate Heath it seemed perfect.

The windmill itself is in the grounds of Reigate Heath golf Club and can be accessed by popping into the club where the staff were more than happy to open up for us to take a look around.

The single storey postmill has been converted into a chapel that holds a service one Sunday a month during the summer months.

The tiny chapel nestled below the impressive beams of the windmill was a lovely sight to see, and I can imagine what a wonderfuly intimate service could be held there.


After looking around the windmill we took a walk through the common ground around the golf course which was very pretty but not great with a buggy.

There are so few windmills left now that it is something I wanted the children to experience.  I have fond memories of visiting a working one as a child and this is now next on my list!

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