Capturing Moments Or Being Part Of Them

Your child’s first steps, singing happy birthday as your special person blows out the candles on their birthday cake, waving them off on their first day of school.

All of these things are such big milestones in your child’s lives and ones that we want to hold onto for a life time, but sometimes maybe we need to sit back and think, is getting that perfect photo the most important thing or is being there in that moment more what we should be savouring?

I’m never without my phone in my hand much to the annoyance of my husband!  And it was this photo he took of me the other day that has got me thinking.

We were having a lovely day in town and I came back with some wonderful photos but did I really need half of them?  Not really. 

Take this moment for instance.  We were sitting outside a coffee shop waiting for my husband by a magnificent ship on the Southbank in on of the most beautiful cities in the world. I should have spent the time chatting with my children about everything that was going on around them, let them talk about their day and what they would like to do for the rest of the weekend instead of trying to get yet another selfie!

I worry that although I’m capturing these moments to keep for a lifetime am I limiting the brains wonderful ability to recall moments in my mind?  Am I making myself the secondary memory and not fully feeding my own mind? 

I’m certainly not going to stop taking pictures.  Since I started blogging photography has become a real passion for me and has in many ways opened my eyes to my surroundings a lot more.  It gets me to look at lighting, finding good backdrops for my photos and I definitely have a new found love for architecture and how I can photograph it.  But from now on when it comes to time as a family I’m going to spend more time with them enjoying thoses special moments rather than worrying as much about the way I’m  going to capture it.

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