XBox Wars


Number two was absolutely desperate for an Xbox One for his birthday at the end of last year.  

With the hefty price tag my husband and I were reluctant but he agreed the whole family would chip in and this would be the only present he would receive.

His face was a picture as he opened the box and for a normally emotionless teenager this was so lovely to see.

Little did I know this moment would be completely life changing for us all!  This probably sounds pretty extreme to most but the Xbox entering our home has caused nothing but dramas. 

First came the arguments of how long he was allowed to spend on it.  We are apparently the only parents in the world that implement a time schedule and I’m totally unreasonable for not allowing him to spend hours on end stuck in front of a screen.

Next came the sneeky sessions where he thought we wouldn’t notice late at night and he was trying his luck by going back on when we were busy with the other children.

He turned into a child that’s one and only interest was gaming.  In days out it would take him ages to engage with us as all he wanted to do was be at home playing on his console.

The breaking point for us though was XBox Live.  This allows them to play games online with others.  He would get so into the game and massively aggressive when I would go into his room to get him off.  If anyone dared enter his room whilst he was engrossed in a game you would get his full wroth!

After countless bans due to unacceptable behaviour and homework not being completed the straw that broke the camels back happened and he managed to rack up a bill of over £500 by buying points online.

I felt completely sick that over a few months he had managed to do this without any thought for us.  He denied all knowledge and blamed his younger siblings for sneaking into his room and pressing buttons.

The console has been removed and thankfully Microsoft were fantastic and refunded me the full amount.

After the initial week of pleading to have it back and trying every trick in the book to get on my good side I finally have my son back.

He’s engaging happily with the family, enjoying time out together, getting on with his school work and getting up without a struggle in the morning.

The problem is where do we go from here?  Every part of me wants to get rid of it for good and there is then my soft side on my shoulder telling me it’s awful to completely remove something he loves so much.

Reading back through what I have just written would easily suggest there is only one option but I have always been to soft of the children and want them to be happy, what would you do?

10 thoughts on “XBox Wars

  1. I’d have thrown it out or burnt it! I hate computer games with a passion. Our 2 nieces are under 10 and have hand held consoles for when they go out and sit in front of the Xbox having ‘quality dad time’ he calls it when they are home.
    You spend a lifetime in front of a screen as an adult- childhood is for imagination, being outside and getting creative I think!!
    Good for you for getting rid of it. oh and happy Easter! Xxx

    1. I hope you’ve had a great Easter!
      I’m so pleased you feel the same way and I’m still holding strong on it!
      This weekend we’ve had some really great family time and not one XBox issue which has been so refreshing xx

  2. Brilliant post, I wrote something lately about electronics as we’ve had nothing but bad experiences too. They turn my kids into absolute monsters. I flipping hate them and would get rid altogether if it wouldn’t have such an impact with their peers, sounds like a rubbish excuse but it’s true everyone has them and all removing everything completely would do would isolate them. Urgh.

    Em xXx

    1. Thank you so much. This is also one of the huge things that tugs on my heart strings! All his friends also have them and yes he is now the odd one out.
      We’ve had a great weekend without it but it’s still really playing on my mind x

      1. It’s always so hard knowing what to do for the best isn’t it! We’ll figure it out eventually, surely by the time my youngest is at the age my eldest is now I’ll have it all figured out. Gosh I’m funny 😉

  3. I would probable have him do some chores on a regular basis so that he could earn the right to have the Xbox BUT under supervision, after homework and only for a limited time, not every day. I hate the things but we have to move with the times, I suppose. I agree with mumaontheedge about going outside and being creative which your children definitely appear to be doing. Happy Easter and good luck lol

    1. Thank you, I really try to get balance in the kids lives but the older they get the harder it is.
      He is currently having to go to work with his Dad and help with cleaning his gym which he is hating but as you said he needs to earn it.
      We need to get a plan together if he is going to get it back xx

  4. You could have been writing about my son a few years ago when he was 11. He started getting really angry when he was on his xbox and we had a pretty terrible few months. Thankfully he realised it was making him angry and he decided to sell it, all his own decision. He still had his iPod and PS Vita that he used. Anyway at Christmas he asked for a PS4 and saved up over £100 to go towards it. I was reluctant at first as I thought it might make him angry again, but we have set limits in place and he respects them. He is nearly 14 and I know gaming is part of teenagers lives nowadays. When he has finished with his device the controller gets put in our room so he doesn’t sneak on it. He respects our rules, and the other day when he spent over 3 hours playing football with his mates, he had longer on it as I feel its all about balance. Not easy it is xxxx

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